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    MSC has not shipped my found luggage to the US

    Actually, the email is from which according to its website is partners with a number of airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc in handling lost luggage. Still doesn't make sense to make anyone other than the party that lost the luggage to pay for its return
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    ups damaged package

    UPS should have provided you with a claim # to use to follow-up. However, if there wasn't any additional insurance purchased by the shipper, the most you are entitled to is $100
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    Diners Club

    The technical aspects of the merger were a real nightmare, but emailing Marriott and a lot of perseverance should get you the missing points. Took 3 months for them to credit my missing hotel points
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    Southwest Airlines

    While I haven't looked recently, the Southwest website is pretty transparent that fees such as Early Board boarding (the only upgrade I can think of) is not refundable or changeable.
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    Marriott overbooks and strands travelers

    Unfortunately, overbooking is a common practice in the entire hotel industry, especially when major events such as a convention or major sporting event occur. I doubt you have grounds for a lawsuit.
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    Flight Assistance

    Not knowing the exact dates & layover times of your original booking make it difficult to figure out why you are unable to book it on-line. I suspect the issue is that doesn't allow you to add a person to the existing reservation, which is why you have to call a rep. However, a price...
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    Losts cameras

    Did you contact both Delta & JFK's lost & found. They are the only ones who can possibly help
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    Washington DC vacation

    Don't miss the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial & Jefferson Memorial; all free!
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    Voluntary Bumping on Delta

    FYI - There is also an "Other" box which allows you to enter amounts up to $900. More importantly, the Delta gate agent is authorized to offer up to $1000. In those cases where a redcoat shows up, the skies the limit. I learned this last summer where I volunteered to be bumped several times and...
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    Marriott change to retaining Gold Elite Status for seniors and less frequent travelers

    Understand your quandary, but not sure what you can do to convince Marriott to change the policy. That said, since you use to travel a lot for work ,how close are you to lifetime gold status (500 nights & 1.6M points)? Depending on how close you are, you may end up with the status forever.
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    Air Canada

    Yes, they have the ability, but other than Southwest, all of the North American carriers choose to charge you an arm & a leg to make that change. As frustrating as it seems, your only practical option is to either arrive home early, or pay the $500.
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    over 500,000 points vanished

    Bizarre! Sounds like you need to be emailing, (do not call) to find out why and work yourself up the chain. I would think it would be pretty easy for someone at Marriott to checks the additions & deductions to your account to see what happened..
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    over 500,000 points vanished

    Whenever I have made Marriott reservations with points, there are no certificates, just a reservation & a corresponding points deduction the day I made the reservation. Are you saying the reservations disappeared, or do they still show up as valid rewards reservations? You can always contact...
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    Credit Cards - How I put a freeze on all my credit cards (Visa, Amex, MC)

    From my experience, banks won't cancel your accounts just because you haven't activated the card. However, they may cancel the account if you have a $0 balance and don't use the card for a period of time, frequently 12-24 months. Probably easier to go to all the companies that you signed up...
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    Delta Requiring Proof before Service Animals can fly

    Appears that as of March 1st, Delta will no longer assume any animal with a vest is truly a service animal