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    Additinal car insurance for multi country rental

    Almost all US credit cards do NOT provide any rental car coverage in Ireland
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    Lost IPad Air on 4/14 Delta flight from Charlotte to Atlanta.

    You may also want to contact the arrival airport as some cleaning crews work the airport and not the airline.
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    Marriott and Car Rental Offers

    As a long time Marriott loyalty member, I have never found their rental car rates very competitive
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    Selling a house

    I used them about 15 years ago because I had a property which I needed to unload fairly quickly that needed a lot of work that I didn't have time to for. The price was below market, but about what I was actually expecting. Closing also went smoothly. Won't hurt to have them take a look & make...
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    Breaking Some Elliott Rules

    Based on the last couple of years of no progress & bickering, it is probably safe to assume the UK won't be leaving any earlier...
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    Breaking Some Elliott Rules

    As a Delta regular based out of Atlanta, while the connection time may seem tight, Delta has so much padding in their schedules that many flights heading to Atlanta frequently depart late, but arrive on-time or early, so I wouldn't worry about the connection. Since you are connecting, you won't...
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    Wal-Mart over charging for prescription - $230.00 vs $67.00

    If you don't have prescription coverage, GoodRx is a very useful site & app. It will show you the price, including the GoodRx discount at quite a few pharmacies in your area. This has reduced the price for a prescription by about 75%.
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    MSC has not shipped my found luggage to the US

    Actually, the email is from which according to its website is partners with a number of airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc in handling lost luggage. Still doesn't make sense to make anyone other than the party that lost the luggage to pay for its return
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    ups damaged package

    UPS should have provided you with a claim # to use to follow-up. However, if there wasn't any additional insurance purchased by the shipper, the most you are entitled to is $100
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    Diners Club

    The technical aspects of the merger were a real nightmare, but emailing Marriott and a lot of perseverance should get you the missing points. Took 3 months for them to credit my missing hotel points
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    Southwest Airlines

    While I haven't looked recently, the Southwest website is pretty transparent that fees such as Early Board boarding (the only upgrade I can think of) is not refundable or changeable.
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    Marriott overbooks and strands travelers

    Unfortunately, overbooking is a common practice in the entire hotel industry, especially when major events such as a convention or major sporting event occur. I doubt you have grounds for a lawsuit.
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    Flight Assistance

    Not knowing the exact dates & layover times of your original booking make it difficult to figure out why you are unable to book it on-line. I suspect the issue is that doesn't allow you to add a person to the existing reservation, which is why you have to call a rep. However, a price...
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    Losts cameras

    Did you contact both Delta & JFK's lost & found. They are the only ones who can possibly help
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    Washington DC vacation

    Don't miss the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial & Jefferson Memorial; all free!