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    Marriott overbooks and strands travelers

    Though I have not been walked in many years, the two times I was walked was at Marriott Hotels. The kicker is that if you have a guaranteed reservation, and you do not show, they will charge you as a no show even though they don't have a room for you! One solution is to get a hotel app like...
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    Tours in Bavaria?

    Thanks for the helpful tip. Will check that out. Peter `
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    Tours in Bavaria?

    Thanks Neil, will give that a try.
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    Tours in Bavaria?

    Thank you, Neil. Yes I have checked Trip Advisor and they of course have Viator. I posted here at Chris' recommendation. If no one can recommend agencies, perhaps there are suggestions of tours they have been on that they liked.
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    Tours in Bavaria?

    My wife and I will be in Munich in May and we would like to take a three or four day tour through Bavaria. Can anyone recommend any travel agencies that specialize in this? Thx.
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    iPhone Forever Scam Warning

    I purchased an iPhone 6S in May 2016 and have the 24 month zero interest payment plan of $36.50 per month. Its a good phone and reasonable arrangement. When the iPhone 8 just came out, Apple contacted me about upgrading to it and my payments would actually be slightly less. After thinking about...
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    United charges my friend $32,000 for an upgrade

    I have flown United since 1979 and can attest they have gone from first to worst. Fortunately, they still seem to care about safety but probably because it is in their self-interest. One question that Chris has raised is the question of safety as the airlines continue to squeeze more and more...
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    marriott overbooked and charged me anyway

    In all my decades of travel, I have been "walked" twice by hotels. Both times it was a Marriott with a "guaranteed reservation". Once, I had even called the hotel to let them know I would be arriving well past 6pm. Fortunately, it has been a long time since it has happened but when I saw this...
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    Hats off to JetBlue

    I had the same experience with JetBlue. Booked an AM flight out of JFK when I wanted PM. Had theater tickets that afternoon on Broadway so I needed the evening flight. I reached out to JetBlue and they could not have been more helpful. They even upgraded our seats. Had that been an airline like...
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    United made us take a bus and 12 Hours Late!

    Writing to United executive contacts is a logical move. However I have found with United that all of those emails are routed to a pool of CSRs and it appears that the execs never actually see the inquiries. Those CSRs have limited authority with problem resolution and use form replies.
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    United Doesn't Deliver Offer for First Class Upgrade

    @jsn55 I think Iceland Air has the right approach. You bid on an upgrade and if it is awarded, they tell you in advance and it is purchased at that time not at the airline counter. I did that twice in May and it worked great. My issue with what United did with my upgrade is how it was presented...
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    United Doesn't Deliver Offer for First Class Upgrade

    @AAGK yes at this point that is a better option than asking for a refund. Maybe I will win the lottery. :)
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    United Doesn't Deliver Offer for First Class Upgrade

    All I can say is when a business makes you an offer and takes your money they should be offering something tangible in return. That is the way this first class upgrade was presented. Not paying to enter a lottery. Now I know this how United handles these things I will be wiser the next time...
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    United Doesn't Deliver Offer for First Class Upgrade

    Yes, that sounds like Iceland Air and their upgrades. You only pay if it is accepted. That is the only reasonable way to do it
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    United Doesn't Deliver Offer for First Class Upgrade

    Thanks everyone. Yes, United certainly could have and should have been more forthcoming in their upgrade offer. It was definitely not offered as paying for the possibility of an upgrade. United will refund me the payment and reinstate my miles without a fee. Isn't that generous of them? I just...