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    Jr missing on Delta Airline ticket to Cancun

    I have a similar situation that crops up almost every time I book air for my husband. He is a 3rd, and has ' III ' as the suffix to his name on both his driver's license and his passport, so I always include it when purchasing tickets. AA cannot handle the suffix correctly when booking the...
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    Palladium Travel Club

    My husband and I have great sales resistance, and we went to one of these on a rainy morning of our VA vacation because two free Busch Gardens tickets were being offered. We figured two hours for two tickets was worth it. We're pretty sure that based on our income, they walked us past the...
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    LG television

    Boscov's got out of the electronics and appliance business back in 2012/2013; they wouldn't be able to help even if they wanted to.
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    Comcast reps won't answer fee question without our ordering service first.

    Years ago I worked for a natural gas public utility, and the first 100ft from the street to the house was free. Every foot after that was the customer's it may be possible that they have a similar arrangement.
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    Duped now wanting refund

    I doubt the cruise would be cancelled - RCL has been paid, and as long as the the dispute is settled in RCL's favor (which is likely) the cruise will remain paid...they'll have no reason to cancel the reservation.
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    Royal Caribbean Cruise line , disappointed.

    Your cruise begins the moment you step on the ship. It is my understanding from reading the Roll Call on Cruise Critic that you should still be able to board at approximately the normal time. While true that the shops and casino will not be able to open as normal while docked, you'll still be...
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    Duped now wanting refund

    While you may not be intentionally trying to defraud, your actions in the chargeback represent that situation. By your own admission, you made the call to RCL and authorized the charge. It doesn't matter that you've changed your mind. That you've made that payment on someone else's behalf...
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    Newborn without seat for $400 on Lufthansa?

    This would seem to be a situation where you cannot go 'backwards' and add using the rate you originally purchased the ticket at, but instead must use today's rate. The airline is charging 10% of today's rate, and using the one-way fare because the ticket is only for one way. I'm not sure how...
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    Credit Card Fraud Citibank (Costco)

    I've swiped my chip card and the machines recognize that it is a chip card, and will not process the transaction via swipe. I have to use the chip...
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    Discrimination on Military discount at Lowe's Home Improvement stores

    Did you have a government-issued ID demonstrating your spousal status? The retailer I worked for a few years ago offered a discount to military members and their immediate families upon presentation of a valid US DOD identification. We also accepted membership cards for the VFW and any other...
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    Paying Tuition/Student Loans for Unattended Classes

    You say you registered for these classes back in 2011/2012, so quite a few years ago. Did you continue to take other classes so the original loan could remain in deferment? Most federal/private student loans will require repayment to begin six months after studies end, whether by graduation or...
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    Nissan Engine Alert

    This is true if the 'check engine' light is blinking. If that happens, you cannot pull off the road and shut the car off fast enough. A solid check engine light generally means there is an issue with the emissions system...this from the mechanic who has serviced my cars for 20 years. He has...
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    SW Airline makes medical decision and takes passengers' tickets

    You mention a queasy stomach...did you express those symptoms to passengers/flight attendants? Did you show signs of illness? If you did, then the flight crew was being proactive. A medical issue in mid-air is not something they want to deal with. Have you checked to see if your medical...
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    Car Dealership sells previously wrecked car as new

    If it was sold as a new car, it should have included the factory sticker that is placed on every new car. Was that in your paperwork?
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    Harassing a Service Dog team in airport

    You're absolutely right - cursing and raising one's voice is no reason to call the police...unless you are in an airport. I am not by any means a 'road warrior' traveler, and maybe fly once or twice a year - but in today's world, an airport is no place to show anger or frustration through...