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    Pre-existing condition question

    Yes...CSA is correct...mis-type. That'll teach me to respond on only half a cup of coffee. :)
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    Pre-existing condition question

    There is one insurance carrier I know of that offers a pre-existing condition waiver at final payment - CNA - but you must purchase the policy within 24 hours of making final payment on the trip. By any chance, did you just make the final payment?
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    Extended Stay America

    I am not going to doubt anything about the words that were exchanged or the actions that were taken by the hotel manager/staff to enter the OP's room without permission. From the description provided, it sounds like an extremely unpleasant encounter and I hope that whatever letter writing...
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    Emergency surgery caused us to have to cancel our river cruise with Viking - no help given

    Let me add another piece of the puzzle, and that is the pre-existing condition clause. Most every policy that offers a waiver for pre-existing conditions requires purchase of the policy within 14-30 days of the INITIAL deposit for the trip. In some cases, that initial deposit can be made...
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    Reward Card expired

    Be aware, though, that this may not be a true Gift Card. Generally, gift cards purchased with real dollars do not expire and do not have fees associated with them. A 'reward' card, which as described seems to be given without an exchange of case as compensation for being bumped, may not have...
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    Best day of the week to purchase airline tickets

    Neil is correct...there is no magic formula. The most logical thing to do is research pricing by checking sites early on, to see what some of the average pricing is like. Then pick your 'point' - the price that you feel gives you the best value. When you see it, book it...and be happy that...
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    I've gone a step further and asked my bank to issue me only an ATM card. I won't even carry a card that says 'Debit' on it.
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    American cancelled my flight

    If they admitted that it was their error I would think that the agency's Errors and Omissions insurance should cover any price difference as a way to make you whole. It might not get you all in the same hotel, but at least you'd all be in T&C together.
  9. M

    Computer - Lost Lenovo Computer Sent for Repair

    While your form is somewhat bullet-point like, the content is not: "17. Stop insulting your intelligence and mine" "20. If not I will boil the ocean" These are not bullet points that come close to relevance in resolving a dispute. Someone reading your information is going to stop as soon as...
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    Royal Caribbean Changes Itinerary AFTER Final Payment Date

    Very true Neil. But the fact of the matter is regardless of the ultimate itinerary, cruise port stops are never guaranteed. Cruises seem to be the best way to get and see parts of Cuba, but it is still somewhat of a dice roll to actually get there. If travelers are looking for a guarantee...
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    Royal Caribbean Changes Itinerary AFTER Final Payment Date

    The fact of the matter is that most, if not all, cruise lines have the absolute right to change the itinerary at will. Royal Caribbean's Cruise Ticket Contract, paragraph 6 (a) and (b): " 6. CANCELLATION, DEVIATION OR SUBSTITUTION BY CARRIER: a. Carrier may for any reason at any time and...
  12. M

    Southwest flight issue

    Here's the thing though...each individual is permitted one personal item and one carry-on. It's possible that the Nordstrom shopping bag WAS the owner's carry-on, and that their personal item was their purse. I'm NEVER putting my purse in the overhead bin, that's always the bag that goes under...
  13. M

    Sears closing

    Check with your utility, too. When we needed a new hot water heater we opted to let PSE&G install (our local gas/electric company). They obtained the necessary permits, did the installation and permitted me to pay for the entire thing over 12 months, no interest, as part of my regular monthly...
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    "Did my car dealer lie to me?" Seems so...

    I solve the car-buying dilemma by only negotiating to an 'out-the-door' price. I have an absolute bottom line, total price and make sure the salesman knows that is the number I expect to see at the end of the contract. By doing that, I don't worry about how they allocate anything between the...
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    Issue with Target Mastercard. Do I write Target or TD Bank?

    Target (the store) does not have the ability to waive the fee. I worked retail for many years and the store I worked for issued credit cards, but the issuing bank was Capital One. The store doesn't manage anything at all about the account - only the opening. We couldn't even access customer...