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  1. mmb

    Nonsmoker charged a smoking fee of $250 at Comfort Inn Cleveland Airport

    I’m confused. Paperwork with old date doesn’t prove anything. Today, I have paperwork on my desk with many old dates. If they claimed that photo was taken *on this date* but had a newspaper with a *future* date, that would be significant.
  2. mmb

    My American Airlines Misadventure

    The airline did, in fact, explain your ‘options.’ Everything between then and the boarding time of the re-scheduled flight the next morning was yours to do with as you pleased. I’m 67 and fairly able-bodied and would NOT put myself in a position of landing at 10pm in any case. It’s nice when...
  3. mmb

    Paypal Fraud from online pharmacy

    What do you mean you used ‘Paypal?’ Was it a Paypal CC or the Paypal platform and you used your bank credit or debit card ? Either way you need to file a dispute with the bank card used, be it BoA, Chase, Paypal or some other brand. When you use PayPal as a payment platform, you still have to...
  4. mmb

    Venmo frozen account

    What? Because it’s cool!
  5. mmb

    Evicted from my hotel room at Publicly House in Sturbridge Ma

    Hi @JKelly - if all your efforts to get the refund are unsuccessful, file a dispute with your CC. You can used all your back/forth emails with hotels .com as verification of no room provided.
  6. mmb

    Iberia Airlines Denied us Boarding Passes Due to Not Having Exact Credit Card Used to Pay Taxes on Award Flight

    Would love to see that in action and hear the outcome.
  7. mmb

    PayPal refuses to release my funds

    This sounds really too strange. I would say - Yes, you have been hacked and then scammed. Doubtful that you are talking to Paypal. Did you click a link and then call a phone number all supplied to you in an email?
  8. mmb

    Tip with cash or credit?

    I believe that workers comp and unemployment insurances are only paid in the first $7000 per employee per year so adding the tips to the CC is not going to increase these expenses for the employer. Unless, obviously, someone is earning less that $7K/year in actual wages. And - why should the...
  9. mmb

    Lufthansa Refunded Money to Inactive American Express Account - AmEx does not honor refund

    I do and I do. And then I put the ‘updates’ with the *new* T&C with them in the file. Yep, have a big old metal file cabinet in my garage and three of those big fireproof boxes stashed in the house.
  10. mmb

    Swiss Air was super inflexible; my son could not use his round trip ticket from SFO to Milan

    My daughter used to live in DEN but now lives in Naples. She recently booked RT tickets RSW>DEN, or so she thought until she showed up at RSW for outbound flight. She had them going DEN>RSW>DEN! Southwest fixed this for at at the time, no charge !
  11. mmb

    Tip with cash or credit?

    I suppose if you are used to getting money each day this can be a problem, but most people only get paid every two weeks or twice/month so this just needs to be expected and preplanned.
  12. mmb

    Tip with cash or credit?

    I vote for all tipping to be eliminated and replaced with stated prices on the menu.
  13. mmb

    Delta says cancelled but Air France says delayed

    All well and good, but we can all know that if the message had been taken at face value, then PAX would have been marked no-show and flights would be cancelled. At that point, what a mess, right? SO GOOD to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to these things.
  14. mmb

    Why Personal Information for Research Request

    LOL !