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  1. Michelle Bell

    Replaced Global Entry with NEXUS

    I know I'm late to the party, but I have two comments to add: 1) You didn't have to have an interview to renew because you had an interview when you first got Global Entry and clearly there is nothing suspicious or concerning in the five years since. I have Global Entry and renewed my Global...
  2. Michelle Bell

    Southwest Tight Connection

    SNA is a TINY airport and all SW gates are near each other. If your flight isn't delayed for unforeseen reasons at SJC you should be fine. But someone else made an important point: when going on a cruise, I always plan to arrive the day before because you never know what's going to happen.
  3. Michelle Bell

    Newlyweds boarding denied despite all officially verified documents

    We may be able to help you if you still have not resolved this with American Airlines. Please complete our help form here: and we'll be happy to review it. If you have been able to resolve this with American we would still like to write a story in hopes of helping others...
  4. Michelle Bell

    Altitude sickness advice?

    Suzanne - you are welcome to submit a Letter to the Editor if you have an objection or would like to offer new or alternative information to something including in any of our stories. LTEs that include alternative information and respectful objections to stories we write are often included in...
  5. Michelle Bell

    TAP Portugal-Customer assistance and responsibility

    Sorry to hear about your experience with TAP. It does not sound like a good experience. At what point did you discover you left your passport onboard? Was it just after you deplaned or were you already at immigration?
  6. Michelle Bell

    Kicked to curb before reaching destination

    Yes, the AAdmirals Club is for paid members and international first and business class. But the agents could have given you a pass for the lounge while you waited. Next time, be sure to ask for one.
  7. Michelle Bell


    Hi Jerald! Please come back and let us know what happened. Did Oceania eventually agree to reschedule your cruise?
  8. Michelle Bell

    Passport Covers

    If an agent asks you to do something illegal, unethical, or immoral, you should absolutely refuse, ask for a supervisor or the airport police, and stand your ground. But taking your family's passports out of their covers? That's the battle you want to choose to fight with someone who could...
  9. Michelle Bell

    Status not renewed

    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but glad you are in a position to at least think about traveling again. I have very recent experience with this and here's what I suggest: use our contact list to write to American and explain the situation. Ask for pre-approval to do a challenge. If...
  10. Michelle Bell

    My elderly friends live hand-to-mouth, and they owe AES as much as when they began the student loan

    I don't believe anyone mentioned this but with federally guaranteed student loans, there is something called a forbearance that is available when the student is having financial difficulties. Some loans are also forgiven when a student is disabled. But my colleagues are correct -- consult legal...
  11. Michelle Bell

    Global Entry

    When I applied for Global Entry I was living in an area where there are no TSA offices. I had to fly to Dallas, spend the night, attend my interview, and fly home. But it was the best money I ever spent. There have been many times that I would not have made my connecting flight if I had not had...
  12. Michelle Bell

    Change in order of last name causing issues

    You may get caught in the CheapOair - United - Brussels game of passing the buck. While my colleagues may end up being correct, if you have time before your booked flights, I would neither "take my chances" nor give up and buy a new ticket. It's worth seeing if you can get someone to fix it...
  13. Michelle Bell

    Tours for single women

    If you are interested in river cruises, most companies are now waving single supplement fees on specific cruises. They only do it for a few cruises a year to encourage single travelers -- thus, you will likely end up on a cruise with other singles. Many tour operators also do the same. If you...
  14. Michelle Bell

    Global Entry Program

    If the rules are the same as they were when I applied, you just have to confirm the appointment within a certain timeframe. You may have to go out of your preferred area. I had to book a flight to a city quite a distance away, spend the night, attend my appointment the next morning, and then fly...
  15. Michelle Bell

    Air Asia Baggage and Reserved Seat Fees

    Totally off topic @Greg Elliott , but I understand your issue with insurance. There are companies that will insure you, even though you spend the majority of your time overseas. In fact, they won't insure you if your first year of insurance is more than 6 months INSIDE the U.S. I'm not sure if...