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    Comcast: Promises one price, charges another

    Not that this would help for internet but if you wanted Satelite most HOA restrictions are illegal. I once fought the management of the apartment complex I lived in for their crazy rules to put a dish on my balcony. They wanted me to have a million dollar insurance policy, give them a $500...
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    Comcast: Promises one price, charges another

    Do you have another option for TV and internet in your area? Sometimes your best bet is to dump Comcast and try the competition for a year. I just dumped Comcast and went with Uverse. After the first month my bill is what I expected and I have had no issues. I even got $250 in visa gift...
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    Fiji air and Above and Beyond travel refund issue

    That's pretty disappointing that you used a travel agent and they are not taking care of this. Hopefully Chris or one of his great followers can help you get this solved. I remember the guy that started the fire at the control tower. It messed up flights in Chicago for a couple weeks. I...