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    UPS Fraud

    That is, in effect, accusing them (at least) of potential fraud. I've had enough messed up shipping mishaps with UPS to think this is just down to them screwing up somewhere on the chain of communication. At least - hopefully - a police report may be helpful if and when you do get in actual...
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    Is the apartment accessible right from the street or is it inside a building ? Frankly, I would have called the police about someone trying to enter in the middle of the night - especially twice. As I understand it, the host did change the lock on that door? After the first time someone...
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    Accident in Portugal with Alamo rental car from Spain

    Did you get a copy of the police report?
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    UA cancellation due to plane off runway

    Have you checked your credit card (if you used one to purchase the ticket) has some travel insurance coverage?
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    HomeAway don't give access code

    If the OP's reserved dates are June 23 to July 3 as stated, those dates are blocked out (as booked/not available) on the calendar on airbnb or expedia listings - so, that, at least is one positive indication - but, not getting the phone number until so late is discomforting - even if it is all...
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    Expedia woes: an $8 scam, confusion, no access to Fraud Dept.

    Why are you unhappy with credit card company? Sounds to me like they did what you want them to do in the case of suspected fraud. I would suggest, if possible, you secure one other credit card as one never knows when something like this might occur or you lose it, etc - This is always a...
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    HomeAway don't give access code

    Did you pay for it with your credit card? If so, if you request a refund and Homeaway does not return your money, check if a chargeback is still an option for you with your bank IF you used a credit card
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    Help Return My Chase UR Points Back After Horrific Travel Experience

    Oh - did they at least provide you with a fan for that night?
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    Help Return My Chase UR Points Back After Horrific Travel Experience

    I also looked at TA reviews for photos that travelers post and there were a few of a room with just sliding windows that had a sea view (other photos showed rooms with a balcony/seaview) I would think there would be some sort of possible recourse if you booked a certain category of room and...
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    Scam Customers

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    Scam Customers

    I'm curious - what does this mean: "You can register your Transitions lenses with the Certificate of Authenticity" - register with who? Thanks.
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    Private drivers in Italy

    Definitely look in the cities/towns from which you will be leaving or going to - There are loads of them. It is very pricey - for example, a car service from Naples to Rome is roughly 350 euros plus - and, it is just a 70 minute train ride. It takes twice as long via the road and prices are...
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    Thinking of booking a cuba cruise in February 2021

    Of course, it is meant to be punitive. And, no offense intended, while I understand the disappointment Americans will feel not being able to stop in Cuba on a cruise, my greater sympathy on this issue is with the Cubans. Neil: I had read awhile back something was coming down re: this issue...
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    Thinking of booking a cuba cruise in February 2021

    I wonder why the short notice about this instead of a heads up that - say, three months from now, such visits to Cuba would cease. To announce one day and have it immediately implemented is curious. I feel for Cubans with this punitive rule given state of financial hardship there - ....
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    Charles Schwab checking account landmine

    Even if the $125 has now been paid by the LW she wouldn't be able to open an account elsewhere? From what I glean from the post, that debt for charges for the insufficient funds has been paid - directly out of her recently deposited paycheck (or, will be as soon as the funds are freed up for...