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Recent content by LeeM

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    Totaled a Rental car,...

    Is it certain that there was no coverage included as you say "The other party’s insurance company payed for a rental car for her" ? I am inclined to think not but has she been in touch with the other party's insurance company just to confirm no coverage was included? You say she "She paid...
  2. L

    Does anyone know the "rules" on checking in for International Travel without bags?

    I still add my passport info when flying Alitalia and Delta but there is always a note that I must stop at check in, can't go directly to security even though I can check in on-line. I do the online check in just because I get paranoid about them giving away my seat if I don't even though I...
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    Does anyone know the "rules" on checking in for International Travel without bags?

    I only ever travel with a carry on and always get to the airport 3 hours for an international flight; I often don't need all that time but there is no way to know in advance what sorts of lines/time there might be for security and passport check - In any case, given the time they shut down the...
  4. L

    Charged for expensive equipment without my knowledge or permission

    Every time my cable company installed something new for me - I was asked about and then always had to sign for it after it was installed. I agree - contact them and explain you were not informed and inquire what their procedure is for such new equipment. I'm surprised you did not have sign for...
  5. L

    Speeding ticket in Spain

    Oh, phooey - I saw "Italy" when I read this for some reason (probably because I am always there) - sorry to confuse. I don't know the laws and process for Spain infractions. I wonder, can I remove my post above due to my goof?
  6. L

    Hertz: Notified of Traffic Ticket in Italy but Company will NOT provide Assistance

    Italy has up to about 12 months (can't recall exactly, but I think this is correct) to send you the ticket in the mail; what you paid for with Hertz is them providing the authorities (who have that car you rented on camera for the violation) with your contact information. When you do receive...
  7. L

    Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Condition

    Thanks! Appreciate your explanation
  8. L

    Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Condition

    Oh, yes, that I know. I was asking about your above post where you posted: "If you live in NY- you can’t buy insurance with pre-ex. NY doesn’t allow it to be sold." - I thought you meant pre-existing when you wrote "pre-ex" - We used to be able to get CFAR a number of years ago; I'm glad...
  9. L

    Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Condition

    Neil: I routinely get travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions and I live in NYC - so I am confused. Every company from which I purchase my policy knows where I reside and it has never been a problem in getting though it usually has a provision of some sort about not covering a...
  10. L

    Kicked off a flight for ?

    I find that "tone" is difficult to describe - what the OP may consider polite, the FA may have heard differently. No way to know. If I was on a plane and saw something that I considered potentially dangerous, the first thing I would do is ask an FA about it before taking off. I don't...
  11. L

    Speeding ticket in Spain

    They likely use cameras which caught the license plate of the car - were you driving it at that location and at the time noted on the tickets? Usually there is some way to pay online - is there any contact information at all on the ticket? How do they expect you pay otherwise? Have you...
  12. L

    Can a Retailer Collect payment for goods that you have not received?

    When I bought my couch, I paid for it before it arrived though usually the merchants I have dealt with don't charge my card until the item is shipped but, not always. I too never carry credit card debt and pay pretty much immediately when I make a purchase so I don't forget - I would pay it...
  13. L

    Fraud on my AAdvantage account

    I get an email every month from the 4 such programs (Delta, Emirates, JetBlue, Alitalia) I have - which is good as it reminds me about them. It's good to know some others don't send such notifications
  14. L

    Airbnb Brooklyn, NYC safety claim

    And, that is where this particular situation of renting a room in someone's apartment when the host is staying in it as well gets tricky; that's the provision many people quote as being allowed under the law but is, most often, not in compliance with one's lease or condo/co-op rules. If this...
  15. L

    Airbnb Brooklyn, NYC safety claim

    If the tenant's lease doesn't prohibit such room rentals (with host in apartment at the time), the landlord likely can't do anything about it. Which is a shame.