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  1. K

    Home Depo ruins my credit

    About ten years ago I had a contractor take off my roof in the rain. There was major damage that he refused to repair and I ended up getting a $3,000 judgement against him. The County Sheriff got it from him and he had to pay both me and the charges from the Sheriff's Department. I think they...
  2. K

    Western Union Account Suspension

    Maybe it's not a qualifying account any more. That is directly from the WU website but there is no way to tell if it is a new restriction or not.
  3. K

    Western Union Account Suspension

    I Googled "western union china from usa" and found this on the western Union site: Send for deposit in minutes1 to qualifying accounts3 at major banks in China, including Industrial & Commercial Bank, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and many others. 3...
  4. K

    TSA and Global Entry Numbers

    Sure. Go ahead.
  5. K

    TSA & Medications

    Earlier I commented this on the wrong thread. What I do is put the amount needed for my trip plus a few extra into the original bottles. These bottles go into a zip lock bag and put into my carry on. I then put the excess into bags that I leave at home.
  6. K

    TSA and Global Entry Numbers

    Whoops. Wrong thread. I meant to comment on the TSA & Medications thread.