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  1. kenish

    Stolen Laptop

    If you need to re-contact AA with your full narrative, definitely state you went directly home in your personal car. They can't say you left it in a taxi or in your car at a store on the way home. But remove the part about Lot G, it's completely irrelevant.
  2. kenish

    Delta wouldn't let us board, then demanded an extra $764

    I'm not a legal expert, but you may be able to sue AM in Michigan courts. AM has flights to DTW, hence they have a "business presence" in the State. If you go the legal route, I recommend a Small Claims action. AM may decide it's not worth their while to appear and you will win a default...
  3. kenish

    Delta wouldn't let us board, then demanded an extra $764

    One "datapoint" / fact that may help. A number of posts correctly state the ticket was issued by AM. The proof is in the screen shot in post #13 by @Christina H . The 13-digit ticket number begins with 139 which is AM. (Delta tickets being with 006).
  4. kenish

    United Airlines returns to Paine Field with new services

    IIRC, a private company is building the terminal on property leased from the airport authority. I wish it was there back in my days of business trips to Boeing. It would have saved 2 hours on each end of the trip, when we had to fly to SEA and rent a car. Alaska flights will start first using...
  5. kenish

    United missed flight leg due to embassy technical issues

    Please provide the fare class (it will be on your ticket right after the flight number, for example UA123 Q). Or the fare code, or the approximate amount you paid for the ticket which I assume is round trip to Paris?
  6. kenish

    XL France airways skips pre-flight safety demonstration.

    This is a pretty serious violation of FAA regs, specifically FAR 125.327 An oral briefing is *required* (it can be from a cabin crew, flight crew, or a video). The briefing must include the topics listed in the regulation. If the video is...
  7. kenish

    Denied boarding by WOW Air- What are my rights for resolution?

    FYI info on your post #13: The inbound flight from KEF to BOS was WW125. On 6/22 the aircraft departed KEF about 1h50 late and arrived into BOS 1h47 late (ETA 1730, Actual 1917) Hence you were already destined to miss your connection when the inbound BOS plane was still at the gate in KEF...
  8. kenish

    Yahoo Emails Missing

    LOL, discrimination against someone not staying current in their own field of "expertise", and resisting change in their rapidly-changing industry. Sorta like a job applicant to Ford R&D showing up for the interview in a horse-drawn buggy.
  9. kenish

    Yahoo Emails Missing

    In the tech industry, I know a few recruiters that pretty much reject any resume with an AOL email address.
  10. kenish

    Accepted American Airlines Hotel/Meal & $1600 offer due to over booked & AA changed offer.

    This anecdote from other fliers is wrong. On that date, the plane was the usual Embraer E170. There was no equipment change, and AA has only one seat configuration in their E170 fleet. Just pointing this out so you don't state it in your correspondence w/ AA. It will just detract from your...
  11. kenish

    Please give me your opinion if I have a legitimate beef.

    Airlines such as AA have numerous aircraft models in their fleet. They are configured for various markets. For example AA's Airbus A321's are what you describe on most routes, but have full lie-flat seats and 3 cabins on transcon routes between major cities (LAX-JFK, SFO-BOS, etc). Adding to...
  12. kenish

    Facebook not allowing me to sign in

    I assume your Facebook account is free and not one of the paid ones? Bottom line, you're not Facebook's're their "product". They have no obligation to deliver personal "satisfaction" to you. Sorry you're dissatisfied but you're free to close your account at any time. The only...
  13. kenish

    Newlyweds boarding denied despite all officially verified documents

    I'm glad you were resourceful in spite of AA's mistake. Their offer of a voucher is admission of an error, and I agree you should insist on a cash refund, not a voucher, unless you know you can definitely use the voucher. One caution almost certainly have to *complete* voucher travel...
  14. kenish

    Verify legitimate agent and rental site + are they, or owner or manager the responsible party?

    Agree or disagree, OP has gone ahead and purchased through the agent after a lot of due diligence. See post #7. So no need to repeat the caveats, IMHO. @Richard C thanks for the update, and please let us know how it turns out. Of course I hope the outcome is a good one.
  15. kenish

    AA/CheapoAir Help

    We are here to provide advice on how to proceed. We aren't debating the worth of your situation. Airlines, hotels, rental cars, etc. offer cheaper fares and rates that are non-refundable. If you expected that you might need to change your ticket, there are more expensive fares that allow...