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  1. JVillegirl541

    False damage claim from Budget/Viking Billing services

    Do Not “poke a sleeping bear” in other words do NOT contact Viking or the car rental people until you receive a letter. If that woman really was possibly going to drop the claim you do not want someone else to get involve. Please wait for a Claim!
  2. JVillegirl541

    False damage claim from Budget/Viking Billing services

    They won’t be speaking with you Because you informed them you where disputing the charges, they took that to mean you plan to dispute any charge to your credit card company. But trust me when I say they are still coming after you and most likely have not dropped these damage claims. You will...
  3. JVillegirl541

    Round trip ticket with unknown return date

    Check one way tickets in Condor Air. I have flown one way trips with them and the prices are extremely reasonable and as long as you purchase Premium Economy the flight is comfortable.
  4. JVillegirl541

    Please, allow refund on my United Airline tickets

    Not if the tickets purchased are Basic Economy which is a No Refunds, No Changes and yes no credit either. Very restricted!
  5. JVillegirl541

    BMW 528i Defective Drive Train Malfunction

    Hey if the news Media will cover your story great! Good luck :)
  6. JVillegirl541


    Just a FYI my Chase Bank Debit Card’s do not appear on any statement. The numbers on my card and that of my husband appear no where not even on on line banking account. The OP may have this same situation and may need a letter (in letterhead) from WF explaining this plus possibly a copy of the...
  7. JVillegirl541

    Please, allow refund on my United Airline tickets

    Did you Purchase DIRECT from United or did you purchase thru Expedia or similar. It makes a difference. The other issue is if you purchased Basic Economy, during the booking process on they repeatedly alert you that these are absolutely restricted to NO CHANGES, NO REFUNDS no credits...
  8. JVillegirl541

    Car Dealership sells previously wrecked car as new

    @Marty M has not been back since Thursday :(
  9. JVillegirl541


    thank you :)
  10. JVillegirl541

    Breaking Some Elliott Rules

    One thing I will bet money on is that your bag will NOT make your connection. Be sure and have a carry on packed with that in mind!
  11. JVillegirl541

    Wal-Mart over charging for prescription - $230.00 vs $67.00

    I’m betting this has to do with having Insurance previously and having new Insurance now or no Insurance. The lower price paid previously must have been a negotiated RX price. But that was the price the OP paid in 2017 and this is 2019, the world of drug costs has changed significantly in the...
  12. JVillegirl541

    Oman Air Escalation

    Is that the phone # you have been calling?
  13. JVillegirl541

    Oman Air Escalation

    Assuming these tickets were purchased DIRECT from Oman Airlines and Not a Travel Agent Or other Third Party agency Oman Air should be able to assist you.
  14. JVillegirl541

    Oman Air Escalation