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  1. jsn55

    Best way to cancel non refundable tickets due to escalating violence in Nicaragua

    What an unfortunate situation. Your first step is to contact the travel insurance people. They will be able to tell you just what you can do and how you can do it. Worst case is cancelling the tix for a credit towards the new trip, less UA's cancellation fee. You might also have some travel...
  2. jsn55

    Gate 1 Travel Purchased Me an Airline Ticket with Very Limited Seating

    Joanne, I am so sorry to read of your awful experience. I've taken a few organized tours and heard from other people how awful their flights were. I was horrified at how these tour companies purchase the rock bottom tix for their customers. Unless you are pro-active when booking, they'll just...
  3. jsn55

    Delta Fiasco

    Many people refer to their travel problems as a fiasco, but yours definitely was. I think you have a good chance of compensation by writing to Delta, as my colleagues advise. The incorrect fueling of the plane caused all the rest of the problems. Be concise and polite, state the facts...
  4. jsn55

    When airline attacks

    You are a very lucky man, David. Your actions were dangerous to your person, I'm sorry to say. As my colleagues have stated, no airline will transport you without the required documentation. The fine leveled at them is well above the cost of your ticket. I suspect that you thought an online...
  5. jsn55

    SecretsResorts, part of AMResorts - Keep their Contact Information Secret!

    You could not pay me to spend one minute in Mexico. these days Sure, I know that the violence is "random" but there are lots of nice places to spend time and money. Places that don't have drug cartels running around the neighborhood trying to kill each other. It's sickening that the...
  6. jsn55

    No Assistance Given

    Please make a concise list of the facts, in chronological order so we can have a look to see how we might help you. The details are very important, but keep it simple and leave all emotion out. We'll be glad to take a look at your situation and offer advice.
  7. jsn55

    Tokyo Traveler

    The travel agent advice is sound, TokyoTraveler. You want a real person, but are not restricted to someone local. It can all be done online, but it's important that the TA knows what they're doing. Do your own research for sure and then have the TA take over to do the booking and offer up all...
  8. jsn55

    Checking a stroller at the gate

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Carol. We all enjoy being part of this forum and it's so nice to be appreciated. MMB's trip sounds like the worst one ever, I haven't had a trip like that since I spent the night in the Toronto airport.
  9. jsn55

    Costco Citi Visa Card sigificantly reduces travel insurance protections

    Unfortunately, this reduced-benefits news has been all over the bloggers recently. Citi seems to really be the worst culprit for reducing benefits. I suspect that they gained so many new cardmembers by replacing AmEx that they no longer need to offer good travel benefits. I hope my colleague...
  10. jsn55

    Ryanair denied compensation claim

    You know that Ryan Air is a bare-bones operation with little or no customer service. You are probably right ... they stay mum so nobody knows the cause of the delay. Next time, book on a real airline ... these cheap airlines are just not worth patronizing.
  11. jsn55

    Refund on non-refundable ticket - no luck with travel agent

    I'm so sorry this has happened. Alas, my colleagues are correct, but you can ask for a credit towards a future flight. You booked through an online booking service, always a mistake ... the airlines may or may not deal with you directly. Next time, book direct with the airline or hotel. I...
  12. jsn55

    Cruise Credit

    Once you understand all the terms of the cancellation policy, compose a polite, concise letter to the cruiseline. Ask them for a credit to be applied to a future cruise. Be specific about which cruise you'd want to take in the future. You are asking them for a favor, for an exception to their...
  13. jsn55

    Enterprise asking for exorbitant damage charges

    My colleagues have outlined how to fight this. Body work on today's cars is extremely expensive ... not like when I was growing up where they buffed out most of the problems ... now most of the car is plastic, so entire panels need to be replaced. Rental car companies have been trying to cheat...
  14. jsn55

    Budget moving truck claim time limit?

    I agree with Dave ... and I'd be concerned that your cute little Camaro has just "disappeared" into thin air. Who knows what happens in those tow yards when the boss isn't looking? If you don't hit this hard, you may never see it again.
  15. jsn55

    Help me find the right travel insurance

    Excellent, this sounds like just what is needed Now just move forward with trip planning and don't second-guess your insurance purchase.