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  1. J

    TSA Precheck Logo Not provided by American Airlines

    Its happened to my wife a couple of times... Once, it was because her # dropped from her profile. Either way, its not an AA thing.
  2. J

    Voice search on Dish no longer works w/o Google Assistant

    @classicrun Since you've now made this a legal case, you have now exceeded the abilities of this board to assist you. Best of luck
  3. J

    Voice search on Dish no longer works w/o Google Assistant

    @classicrun Ultimately all the voice assistants / voice powered anything require it. The computing power required to do the analysis of voice exceeds most small gizmo. You'll have to choose whats more important. Good Luck
  4. J

    Voice search on Dish no longer works w/o Google Assistant

    @classicrun I'm lost... According to DISH( ) you might be eligible for a free remote. According to everything I can find, Google assistant is free (you need a gmail account but those are free). Its built into the hopper.
  5. J

    PetSmart Contacts?

    @knsanjose Here's the link to the form...
  6. J

    Air Canada denies compensation in flagrant disregard of EU261

    Bottom of the page Mail to DGAC Air Transport Directorate Passenger rights mission Air Passenger Bureau (CDM / P2) 50, rue Henry Farman EN - 75720 PARIS CEDEX 15 "
  7. J

    Compensation claim, being ignored by all executives and staff

    @PaulStenning Since you've already reached out to our listed contacts and they've been unable to satisfy you, I guess we've reached the end of our recommendations. At this point, your choice really is to not frequent this resort again and make sure that you ask direct questions of any future...
  8. J

    Unreimbursed airfare through Aon

    Insurance is a regulated product in every state. You might ask them one more time for an update on when you can expect a check. If you're not happy with the answer, file a claim with the insurance board in your state.
  9. J

    Eligible for compensation?

    @tarheelalum Sounds like your company needs really needs to find a new travel division. I'd say at least 90% of your issue can be root caused to them not AA. Here's a future hint until your company sees the light on their travel division. I always have a second bag (backpack or briefcase) that...
  10. J

    Norwegian Flight of Pure Terror

    @Patina There's a lot of grey area in FAA regs (even more so for foreign airlines). Just like with your car... you can take it to the dealership to get fixed or the guy down the road. In either case, you can say that you got it repaired but one is going to cost you a lot more and be done by...
  11. J

    Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Dashboard Error Code

    @arsenal71 I agree with @Chris in NC on this one. If you'd had the vehicle repaired at the Toyota dealership,I'd agree with you. If you'd paid the Toyota dealership to do the diagnostics, I'd agree with you. Unfortunately you didn't. At this point, you have an out of warranty car with an issue...
  12. J

    Brake Rod spring discontinued! Sears Craftsman riding mower

    @Ken George Given that Sears is back in bankruptcy and they've sold off most of their assets, you might want to reach out to a local, old school mower shop. They might know of a replacement part for you.
  13. J

    Am I due compensation from American under EU Law?

    FYI for other readers ... The delay times for EU261 are scheduled door open to door open not runway to runway...
  14. J

    Am I due compensation from American under EU Law?

    @SeniorTraveler Two things under EU261... Duty of care, which they provided in the form of food etc at 1:00 PM and potentially compensation. Compensation is driven by the reason for the delay and the length of the delay (based on when you arrive). What time were you supposed to arrive and what...
  15. J

    West Jet 15 Canceled, 31 July 2019

    @California FlightStats allows you to check up to 3 days in the past using advance search. Inbound flight was cancelled. No reason given