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  1. J

    A little help

    @Pfry Short answer is that the airline doesn't owe you anything. Anything they will provide with be an inconvenience "service recovery" award. Keep that in mind when you figure out what you want. If its too high, they'll decline to provide anything. Also keep in mind that if your divert to San...
  2. J

    Vueling Airline

    Your daughters are due compensation under EU261 ( They are also due “right to care” for any food they purchased during the delay. They need to file with Vueling for the compensation.
  3. J

    Ryanair disaster

    @tomski67 My reading of EU261 would show that you are still due "Right to Care" so Ryan Air still owe you the money. It might be worth reaching out to one of the businesses that take a cut but will get you the $. Oh and I hate Ryan Air with a passion.... I've been burned so never again
  4. J

    When a flight is delayed or canceled, can't customer service lines for rebooking be made customer-friendly?

    @CTP I had the same kind of thing... Also had them "protect" me and my family on a flight the next morning when a rolling delay looked like it was going to end in a cancellation. I also forgot rule #1. Everyone else is going to be frustrated and nasty. No matter what happens. Be nice. You'll be...
  5. J

    When a flight is delayed or canceled, can't customer service lines for rebooking be made customer-friendly?

    1. Call the 1800 number. There are far more people in the call center than standing around at Dulles waiting for a mass cancellation to happen. 2. Use your app. The UA app can help you rebook when your flight is cancelled. 3. Buy a pass. While $50 might be a bit expensive for some people, buying...
  6. J

    "We're in good hands". Claim to Allstate Insurance

    @Liz Snowbird I think you'll have a tough one with this... Not sure why Allstate would be held accountable for secondary damages for a delay in a repair. Much like airlines aren't on the hook for you missing a meeting or a prebooked hotel when they cancel a flight. I also not sure that the...
  7. J

    We feel weve been treated inhumanely

    @MARILYNBH FYI ... I'm in my forties with kids. I never travel without travel insurance unless I can afford to lose everything I have that's non-refundable. My family has cruised a lot and I normally have purchased our Insurance policy before the cruise confirmation has hit my inbox. Its saved...
  8. J

    Damage claim/Have video of no damage upon return

    @JRS Here's on issue you may run into. When you leave a vehicle in an out of hours drop off, you're responsible for the condition of the vehicle up until the time they collect it not when you drop it off. So if your vehicle is hit after you park it but before they get it, you are still...
  9. J

    Repeated change in departure time

    @Janutty Here's a link to UA's schedule change policy. Short version - If your schedule changed by more than 30 minutes, they'll rebook you. Did you find a UA flight that works for you?
  10. J

    VW Emissions Scandal Problem

    @AmyMinderhout I'm lost. If your insurance totaled your car, weren't you already paid for it?
  11. J

    AA cancelled return reservation because they said I wasn’t on my departure

    We recently had a flight where they didn't scan my family in correctly. A FA came looking for my daughter since everyone else on the res showed on board accept one kid. I know missed scans happen. Electronic boarding pass doesn't work... It will be interesting to see what happens with this since...
  12. J

    Is it “walking” if done 2 months in advance?

    @AGHeath Boy does this stink... Short answer is the hotel thinks whatever big group they have is worth more in the long run than you. Its probably a group that stays there repeatedly (Alumni assoc, Greek org, etc). Given the choice, they'd rather annoy the person that's going to stay there once...
  13. J

    What NOT to do if you're running late for your flight

    I live close to here... I can tell you this. This guy wasn't a little late. He was going to miss his flight by an hour + by the time he parked. Idiot of the year is right...
  14. J

    Bait and switch?

    @arendallal DL Vacation isn't owned by DL (nice of them to disclose that isn't it). I'd try this first. Go to the DL main page and try to book just the flight portion (not the package). That will show you if the flights are still available. If they are, call DL vacations and tell them to move...
  15. J

    Missed Connection

    If you haven't already done it, go buy a trip insurance policy to cover your entire trip and make sure it includes trip delay and interruption coverage. At least that way, you'll be able to recover any prepaid expenses in Aruba, overnight expenses in MIA and anything you might have to spend to...