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  1. J

    universal adaptor recommendations

    @gibsontobias If it was me, you might think about purchasing a hair dryer and curling iron once you've landed in Europe (or a dual voltage hair dryer curling iron here. Amazon has some). My mother (my parents spend at least a month every summer in the UK / Ireland) swears neither one works right...
  2. J

    Travel agents

    @jsn55 Difference between a financial adviser and a TA is that the financial adviser has already been paid for the work they've done up to this point. The TA has not. So the individual agent used the agency resources to book the trip and keep the client up to date but the agency will see 0...
  3. J

    Delta canceled my flight and rebooked me on a earlier flight I may not be able to make as I am coming in from an International flight. What can I do?

    @tomzphone Based on that last statement, you may want to look at a completely different routing. The only time I've seen that warning is when a flight is either overbooked or close to being overbooked. When this has happened to me in the past (more times than I can count since I tend to book...
  4. J

    Unseen Damage - Enterprise

    @DFR1984 So here's going to be the issue you'll have... It was not noted on your check out form but was noted on check in. There's really no conclusive way to prove that it didn't happen while it was in your care. Here's a link to our standard fighting a damage claim page...
  5. J

    Slip and fall at Dreams Sands Cancun

    @SeaSideSister Please keep in mind as you write that this happened in a foreign country. Some have very different opinions on what constitutes negligence. I would not start out with a legal tone. Good Luck.
  6. J

    American Airlines misinformed me costing me half my spring break vacation

    Are you sure the issue wasn't AA649 from DFW to TUS? It had a significant delay (close to 45 minutes)
  7. J

    American Airlines misinformed me costing me half my spring break vacation

    Do you mean AA2368? AA 2683 was cancelled on Apr 14 but it flies DFW to SFO not BWI to DFW.
  8. J

    Award Ticket Issued: Miles Redeemed and Credit Card Charges

    @yorellana Have you checked your receipt? You can find it by logging in... going to your trip under My Trips and then clicking on View Receipt in the top box (just under the date and the two airports you are flying to). I was able to find flights in OCT for 22,000 Round trip so the mileage...
  9. J

    Accident with rental, insurance isn't covering it

    @Annie1959 I think you probably need to talk to an attorney. Ultimately, the rental company is going to hold you accountable. You'll need to setup a payment plan. Your attorney can advise you what you need to do about the drive off... Hopefully the police can find them and you can sue to recover...
  10. J

    Royal Caribbean Cruise line , disappointed.

    @Tomkaren I always start with "what does the contract say..." In this case the contract says they don't even have to leave the dock... Technically they have to go beyond the 12 mi limit to open the stores serve alcohol etc so most cruises will at least do that (can't lose the on board revenue)...
  11. J


    @bignevermo I think we've all played airline ticket roulette before just trying to get cheaper fares (at least I have especially on "award" tickets). My personal rule is that I leave hours (3+) between flights and I buy the short leg at the last minute (because airlines are always, and I do...
  12. J

    Travel ins asking for medical records

    @Lauralee Here's the thing... Don't sign it and its cause to dismiss the claim. Only she can make the choice if his privacy is worth the cost of the air ticket. They are looking for two things from the medical records... 1) The accident and surgery met the terms of the policy for the refund...
  13. J

    Dangerous issues driving a 2019 Honda Civic

    @shannonduaneesq Not sure about CA's lemon law but my state's (which is far more conservative than CA) only requires that you take it to the dealer 3 times to allow them to fix it or that they have the vehicle for a total of 30 days to fix problems identified within the first year. @Bonnierose...
  14. J

    Dangerous issues driving a 2019 Honda Civic

    @Bonnierose Have you checked to see if the vehicle has a Start/Stop system or Idle Stop (I think that's Honda's name for it). If it does, you might want to try deactivating it. Beyond that, sounds like you're looking for legal advice (like the CA lemon law) which we can't offer. Good luck
  15. J

    Home Depo ruins my credit

    Why not collect from contractor? There are people you can hirer to collect the judgement plus interest