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  1. John Galbraith

    British Airways agent needlessly cancels my entire itinerary

    @Carrie Livingston @Neil Maley Hi sorry for that - I am not sure why they stopped working but i have added some new contacts instead.
  2. John Galbraith


    Hi Nmisiak61, On a separate issue has your granddaughter flown yet? If not you should check with the airline if they have any restrictions as she is 7 months pregnant. A number of airlines require expectant mothers, after 28 weeks of pregnancy, to carry a medical certificate (often including a...
  3. John Galbraith


    You really do need the address. I have just done a check on one of our big cities here in the UK, Birmingham. We have 5 Travelodge's in the centre. 4 are called Birmingham Central xxx. One is just called Birmingham Central and technically even according to Travelodge that is not quite the...
  4. John Galbraith


    Hi Seriously - It looks like it is the full name that is different. Here is what i could find; Holiday Inn Express & Suites Miami Airport east; Holiday Inn Express Miami-Arpt Ctrl-Miami Springs; and Holiday Inn Express Miami Airport Doral Area. Your tip for people to make sure they have the...
  5. John Galbraith

    The Great Train Robbery

    Hi David, I think your next step, especially as to who you send the email, depends upon what you are trying to achieve. If you are still looking for some form of refund then, as we always advise, start by writing to the most junior exec and working up the list. I have added the Director of...
  6. John Galbraith

    The Great Train Robbery

    Hi David, As Neil says this is nothing to do with the issue you are raising at least not directly. If you raise those issues the refund you want will get overlooked.
  7. John Galbraith

    The Great Train Robbery

    Hi David. We give the pros and cons of writing a letter and email here under 'Should I write a letter, send an email or something else?' However I agree with Technomage - for the issue you are raising an email would be good enough but of course it is your choice. I have updated our contacts...
  8. John Galbraith

    Post-cruise case submission denied...any ideas?

    Hi all, I can't quite work it out The link from our site seems to work as does a google search which gives At least it does in the U.K
  9. John Galbraith

    Nelnet - Delaying processing of 2nd disability forgiveness application (after reinstatement) pending reinstatement

    Hi Cool, If you do need some contacts I have researched and published executive contacts. They can be found here. I hope this helps.
  10. John Galbraith

    Nelnet - Delaying processing of 2nd disability forgiveness application (after reinstatement) pending reinstatement

    That's true of the research team. Not so sure it can be said about the Director of research!
  11. John Galbraith

    Angry father

    Hi Fwhizz, I had a look at our contacts for Westgate. I have found some new ones which may be more helpful. I also updated the CEO's email as he has changed his email format. You might want to start again from the Primary contact (Vice President of Resort Operations) and work upwards. If you...
  12. John Galbraith

    Disney Cruise Line Magic

    Agreed re taking it very seriously. The risk management department covers financial risk and brand risk and therefore will be looking at the case very carefully.
  13. John Galbraith

    Super Shuttle accountability

    Hi Holly, You are most welcome; I am very glad you got it resolved. I would echo Jsn's comment -that appreciative words like yours make us proud to be here.
  14. John Galbraith

    Landlords - Security Deposit - Utah

    Hi Lupus, Ok it's not straightforward - according to the Utah court the deposit is due back 30 days after the tenancy ends. So i agree with Tanya - that is 30 days after 31st jan. However here is what the code actually says: 57-17-3 Deductions from deposit -- Written itemization -- Time for...
  15. John Galbraith

    Air Canada name change problem for my six year old/CheapOair

    Hi. Firstly sorry there were difficulties with the email address. Fareportal's email addresses vary depending upon which company they work for. Also even within Fareportal the email format varies. I have researched some new contacts including the VP responsible for customer excellence, the COO...