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  1. John Galbraith

    Travelocity Trouble

    That is done!
  2. John Galbraith

    Brother Printer Problem--2nd time!

    Hi Shirl, yes we are on - we are trying to find US contacts rather than the Head office contacts in Japan. Give us a few days and we will get some to you.
  3. John Galbraith

    Air France schedule change horror story.

    One other option is to buy a cheap smartphone and just get a sim card in the EU. You can pre-pay for a sim for very cheap (about €11) and use the data in any EU country.
  4. John Galbraith

    Contageous Viral Infection caught in Chile- Flight Network/Avianca flight change charged $460 - Nov2018

    Hi Weihlac, Truel the OP is due to fly on Tuesday. As Christina said it is quite possible that the OP will still be contagious during this period. Also as Christina said a person is most contagious for the first week but looking at it you can be contagious for up to three weeks. The Op saw a...
  5. John Galbraith

    Air France schedule change horror story.

    Hi Music mommy - of course whether it is helpful to change it to a day earlier or later all depends upon your personal circumstances. As others have said it is a computer making the choice. However I can just see a lot of people complaining if it was moved to a day later on the grounds that...
  6. John Galbraith

    Baggage lost by KLM worth 50,000 USD

    Hi - That make sense; just explain that you had to carry them.
  7. John Galbraith

    Baggage lost by KLM worth 50,000 USD

    There are two key issues with emailing everyone at once; 1. You get an response that most people (if not all) have agreed to and then you have no one to escalate to if you don't get the response you want; or 2. Everyone on this list ignores the email because they think/hope that someone else on...
  8. John Galbraith


    Hi, A Neil states the BBB has had warnings about Justfly and we have had those warnings on our site for a few years now. The current warning/alert from BBB is as follows; "BBB’s Business Profile for JustFly was created in May 2016. A review of this company’s complaints done in July 2017 state...
  9. John Galbraith

    Struggling to find Answer - refund for cancellation question

    Sorry MsMayor I have just noticed the flight is for Monday. I am really sorry but the DOT rule does not help. The flight has to be in advance of at least seven days of the reservation, or the rule will not apply. The best way to be sure is to log in to the flight booking and see what...
  10. John Galbraith

    Struggling to find Answer - refund for cancellation question

    Hi MsMayor - we don't have that rule in the EU but.... the DOT 24 hour rule applies to all flights in and out of the U.S . I have also just checked the Lufthansa sight from the U.K and it is offering me the 24 cancellation. The easy way to be 100% sure is to log in to the booking and you will...
  11. John Galbraith

    Two minutes?

    Hi William, my colleagues have given good advice about using this opportunity to change your ticket to fly in the day before; I really would do that if you can. I just wanted to cover the point you raised as to why for luggage the airline in your words "85 minutes they could do, but 83 minutes...
  12. John Galbraith

    Cancun Package Refund...

    I think I have tracked down the company that owns Premier Cancun Vacations (including it's website) , the owner and her email address but I need the Op to confirm the resort so I can sure I have the right company.
  13. John Galbraith

    Cancun Package Refund...

    Hi Glenda, If you tell me which resort you are booked into I can try and find you a contact to write to. I just want to make sure I get the right company. As Neil says we are nothing to do with Premier Cancun Vacations. We are a non-profit making consumer advocacy organisation.
  14. John Galbraith

    lufthansa/opodo despair

    Now this is strange, .Lufthansa do still have flights on those days.
  15. John Galbraith


    Good Morning Mr Watson, Firstly as my colleague Neil, has said the letter is too long. He has given good suggestions as to how it can be reduced in length. Secondly I would suggest you remove the reference to racism. Threatening you with removal from the flight because of a raised voice...