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  1. J

    30 days after buying a car with all legal documents in hand dealership says bank changed their mind

    I recently worked with an elderly gentlemen here in PA about the purchase of a car from a well known car rental agency. One of the things I learned is the only way you can have a never titled Corporate Fleet car is if the dealer retained ownership from the manufacturer. The car could have been...
  2. J

    Brazilian Visa

    Actually, if the OP is an American citizen, they could have used the e-Visa method to get the needed document. See
  3. J

    Dangerous issues driving a 2019 Honda Civic

    Have you read my reply (#13) and RafaB's reply (#15) and acted on the suggestions?
  4. J

    Dangerous issues driving a 2019 Honda Civic

    "johnbaker" may be on to something (2nd reply) with the "auto idle stop" system as used by Honda (and many other manufacturers). I happen to know someone that is a left foot on the brake pedal driver and when he drives the car seems very jerky. If the OP's Civic has this system it should be...
  5. J

    $250 smoking fee charged because I cooked in kitchenette

    The reviews on this place are from from stellar! One thing I notice as a common reply is to reach out to a . Have you possibly tried that address. Trip advisor has a review from Maps24778948677 from one week ago where the individual was also charged $250 for a cleaning...
  6. J

    Woman Within Return Policy

    Woman Within provides a prepaid return label for USPS. They further outline methods to actually do the return such as mailbox, Post Office, and a web address to schedule a pickup. So inspite of illnesses, and lack of any indcation you were hospitalized, I think it reasonable that you could...
  7. J

    Additinal car insurance for multi country rental

    Good advice here but I’d like to mention one thing about driving on the wrong side of the road. It isn’t all that big a deal. I have told many friends over many years of travel that about 80% of driving is following the guy in front of you. That will help a lot. The other technique my wife...
  8. J

    Nissan Engine Alert

    "Also I had, had oil changes, but not at Nissan, but my contention was that I thought the notification system should have given me some indication that there was a problem with the oil before the problem was at a critical stage." That could be a key statement...where were you getting these oil...
  9. J

    Passport name and airline ticket name slightly different

    I would not bet on it, especially since the routing includes Newark NJ. Get it changed.
  10. J

    European Destinations

    IMO, all the reviews are simply enticements. If I wanted to write a good review I doubt I would take the time to copy and paste in a partial itinerary. Also take note in the bottom right corner of an individual review the box reading "Customize a trip like this one". It isn't much help on...
  11. J

    Honda Service Center is Trying to Claim Damages for Loaner Vehicle

    Another possible wrinkle to the situation...I'd also check the actual rental paperwork. At least in the case of my Honda dealership, the rentals are by Enterprise , as indicated by the paperwork, but are within the actual dealership building. Enterprise simply operates the rental portion of...
  12. J

    Honda Service Center is Trying to Claim Damages for Loaner Vehicle

    At least to me, the real crux of the matter is to be able to prove that the damage was evident prior to you driving off the service facility lot, and you really do that since you didn't bring it to anyone's attention nor do you have photographs taking expressly on the lot. Further, we respect...
  13. J

    Dell refuses to repair damage done in their repair depot

    Problems created by memory chips are often very difficult to diagnose. I would suggest that one of two options be done: 1. Remove the memory chip from slot B and verify over an extended time that the problem is resolved. 2. Leave the suspected chip in the slot, and run one of the free...
  14. J

    Cheaper to fly on AA r/t from Italy than R/T from US.

    The OP should also attempt to introduce some flexibility into the schedule. I see some Air Lingus flights, mid May and a sample trip length of about 10 days that go from Newark airport > Dublin > Rome and they are priced around $800 RT. Sure you have some layover time in Dublin but having done...
  15. J

    TSA Trusted Traveler Program Global Entry process snag??

    I am well aware of the fact that PreCheck is included with GE. I was just pointing out the confusing nature of the two sentences.