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  1. JMorgana

    HP "lemon" laptop

    I just went through Costco myself with a desktop computer...bought it last year at tax time, had a power surge about a year ago that damaged the computer motherboard, as it turned out. Costco walked me through initial diagnostics over the phone, then arranged to have the computer sent out for...
  2. JMorgana

    Another Reason to Purchase Insurance and a great customer service story!

    Tanya, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandma...I was heartbroken when mine passed. Kudos to Marriott! It was great that they went ahead and refunded your stay...that's one less issue to deal with from your trip insurance!
  3. JMorgana

    Global Entry renewal

    I interpreted this as you get the 6 month grace period ONLY if you have a pending renewal that has not yet been completed.
  4. JMorgana

    Purchase a microwave, get delivered a 'new' 3 year old unit that breaks within 2 months ...

    This is absolutely not true. I work for a company that manufactures consumer electronics and we make modifications to our products all the time without issuing a new model number. While they still have the same general features, we update them to correct defects in software or hardware and this...
  5. JMorgana

    AerLingus disgraceful Customer Service

    While I understand the perspective, dealing with the fallout from moving these customers into Business class seats is AL's problem, not the customers'. If I were the cabin crew, no way would I resolve this by putting these customers in inferior seats. This just seems like another shining...
  6. JMorgana

    Budget Viking issue (car accident, not at fault)

    That response from the rental car company would be enough to make me walk out the door to a different rental company. It might not be a bad idea to get something in writing from Amex confirming the $0 deductible and keeping that with you when you travel, though. Might save some arguing with the...
  7. JMorgana

    Hotwire won't let me remove an accidental booking

    Also read the confirmation when you get it...if you read it closely, the rep's name may be mentioned in the confirmation somewhere. I know when we book company travel through our travel agent, the agent's name is included in the confirmation. The rep's name may not be on your confirmation, but...
  8. JMorgana

    Toll Roads & Personal Transponders

    Also, if the plates match a transponder in their database, they bill the associated account. At least that's what the Sunpass folks say. Of course down here, we also have readers you drive under at full speed and it picks up your transponder.
  9. JMorgana

    2015 Subaru Crosstrec just cuts out on the highway.

    One correction: My family could be standing in very (something) traffic. Bad, dangerous, plug in your desired adjective here, but there's a word missing. :)
  10. JMorgana

    Brother Printer Problem--2nd time!

    That's wonderful! Another example of Costco going above and beyond for their customers.
  11. JMorgana

    Requesting Payment Arrangements

    I do the exact same thing here and I love it. In addition, you can frequently find TracFone phones on sale on HSN or QVC that include a year of service and often for cheaper than the year's service would have been.
  12. JMorgana

    Insurer Stonewalls on $16,500 Claim for Home Care for invalid before he dies

    My experience was similar...when my grandmother was in the hospital for the last time, she was able to transfer to hospice care in the same room. They didn't change her room, they simply changed the methodology with which they were treating her. Basically, they stopped stressing about...
  13. JMorgana

    Southwest is absolutely the best airline for customer service

    That's wonderful! Congratulations on such a speedy resolution and I hope your wife is better soon!
  14. JMorgana

    Charged for a free night and still awaiting money back and compensation

    If it's a free night, that should include resort fees as well, I would think.
  15. JMorgana

    Surprised by Verizon Wireless request

    Same here. I keep my data turned off so apps can only update when there's a wifi connection.