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  1. J

    Flights Changed by "Fight Fare Inc."

    According to the OP on post 18 he was ticketed to fly BOS to SFO on 9/13 on DL2488 and SFO to BOS on 9/20 on DL2488. The return flight is not operating anymore on Fridays. The only nonstop that day is DL2570 which is the red-eye. The OP just needs to approach this as a schedule change, which...
  2. J

    Flights Changed by "Fight Fare Inc."

    Looking at the flights in Sabre and the Delta website it appears this was actually just a normal DL schedule change. DL 2488 is showing right now as only operating on Saturdays for most of September on the SFO to BOS direction, returning to daily on 9/26. The only non-stop on 9/20 is DL 2570...
  3. J

    JetBlue Airways

    If I am reading this correctly did you have a total of 4 tickets issued, 2 of which were cancelled through Travelocity and the 2 that were cancelled directly with JetBlue? For any tickets issued by a travel agency they can be voided by the agency (Travelocity in this case) within 1 business day...
  4. J

    Not informed of second flight schedule change

    What you have experienced is unfortunately the normal with Delta schedule changes. I fly Delta at least 4 times a year and only receive schedule change notifications for about half of the schedule changes. What I would recommend is to monitor your reservation at least weekly, Delta does most...
  5. J

    Holland America Platinum Insurance Trip Insurance

    That is the same way I read it. That is why I said it doesn't show that both need to cancel. However depending on what the single supplement is for that specific cruise there is always the possibility that this amount could be the same or more than the refund amount for the one person...
  6. J

    Holland America Platinum Insurance Trip Insurance

    I found this on the Holland America Website, doesn't mention both needing to cancel, but does have a note about rates should one person cancel. Cancel for Any Reason Waiver - Provided by Holland America Line You may cancel for any reason prior to the start of your scheduled travel (sea, land...