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    Charges for no service

    You say that you were not informed of this cancellation policy, but either it is in your terms and conditions of your contract, or, you received an email or snail mail informing you of the change in policy. You have to pay attention to your billing cycles to avoid penalties like this. My...
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    Emergency surgery caused us to have to cancel our river cruise with Viking - no help given

    Neil, I just had training from Travel guard and that is exactly what they told us. I'd be happy if I am wrong, but they were extremely clear on this point.
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    Emergency surgery caused us to have to cancel our river cruise with Viking - no help given

    Insurance is so important, but unless the travel agent/advisor is also a licensed insurance broker, they are legally forbidden from insisting on insurance, urging a client to buy insurance, to even recommend the client buy insurance. The most they can legally do is to let the client know that...
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    Viking Cruise Disaster

    Did you use a travel advisor/agent to book this trip? If so, they they should have explained the possible issues with the low water. But it sounds like you booked yourselves. So your issues were: Low water--not Viking's fault, and a good couple of days of rain could have raised the water level...
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    eSky won't answer my emails

    I am skeptical that the "no change fee" coverage purchased would actually allow changes without additional cost. More likely, this coverage means Esky would not change a fee but the airlines certainly would, both a change fee and any additional costs for the new flights.
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    Not Valid Credit???

    I am confused. You bought a ticket 3/12/18, but changed it for a ticket for May 2018. Did you use the May ticket? Was the 3/12/18 credit used in full for the May 2018 ticket? For the second ticket, did you get a cancellation email, or anything in writing? So you and he were planning to travel...
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    Marriott Scent Branding is making us sick!

    Side note--I used to work for this company in both the UK and the US. It is a very ethical company. Everything is hand-made--I even got to make some of the stuff at the UK factory one day. Everything is vegetarian, and 75% of the products are vegan. They use recycled containers, have a recycling...
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    How can I get any type of recopensation

    If you had used a real travel agent, and called them when you discovered your problem, they would have told you that you must take the first flight or the second flight would be canceled. Think about it. It makes sense. You didn't fly to Orlando with Virgin, so they don't know you are in...
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    Buyer Beware: Don't assume that "First Class" means better than Economy

    Most of my air travel is greater than 6 hours, so I always bring plenty to entertain myself. You never know when you'll have a broken TV, or IFE. Many airlines now list on their website which films will be available. But there is no guarantee that every film listed will be offered on your...
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    WOW Air - no reimbursement for undelivered luggage

    I am not sure you will be able to get the airline to re-route it. Did you communicate with WOW before you left your daughter's home, saying that the bags, if found, needed to go to France instead? If you told them you were flying back home, and they still delivered to the USA address, you could...
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    American express serve is a nightmare Help me understand pls

    Like it or not, this is standard operating procedure for all banks and credit card companies. It is a preventative measure to fight fraud. Serve is not saying you are a fraud, or that the refunds are frauds. The bank and credit card companies need to look over their records and make sure that...
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    Shady move by LL Bean (and how I fixed it)

    It is troubling that they unilaterally decided it was a gift and sent the merchandise credit. If I wasn't a pushy broad, I'd meekly take the credit and use it later. I'm not saying I won't buy from LL Bean ever again, just wanting people to be aware of their policies and possible tricks.
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    Shady move by LL Bean (and how I fixed it)

    That is exactly what I said to the rep. That if LL Bean wants to offer PP as an option, they should clearly state returns will be in the form of a merchandise credit. Honestly, I don't know if the rep was clueless or duplicitous when he said they couldn't refund to PP.
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    Shady move by LL Bean (and how I fixed it)

    I ran across an interesting situation last night with LL Bean. I bought some shirts from them, and I used Paypal since I don't shop with them much and did not want to create an account. I tried on and returned 3 tank tops well within the new one year return policy. Imagine my surprise when I...
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    I would definitely remove the part about being homeless. The executives might think you intend to live in the car, something that no car rental agency wants. Also, remove the bit about your roommate and a lawsuit. Not relevant.