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    Delta canceled my flight and rebooked me on a earlier flight I may not be able to make as I am coming in from an International flight. What can I do?

    Is the Munich to Detroit flight booked as one ticket with the Detroit-Baltimore flight? Is so, then you just need to call Delta and have them find an alternate flight. Remind them of the customs and rechecking of baggage will probably require longer than 96 minutes.
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    Disney World Mess

    What I don't understand is why you did not ask about the dining plan? Apparently, you have never used the Dining Plan on previous trips. If I buy something like a membership or a pre-paid dining plan, I'm going to ask how it works. I'm going to ask for the brochure. Neither you nor your parents...
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    Brazilian Visa

    If booked through an in-person travel advisor, I think they may have a case against the agency. If they booked online, then it is up to the traveler to determine all visa requirements. I am pretty sure that any online agency will have a live link to check for required documentation. The problem...
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    Swiss Air compensation

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    Canceled flight - looking for extension

    I believe that you can extend you credit with a payment--i am thinking $100. Call and ask Southwest if you can extend
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    Woman Within Return Policy

    You won't win the chargeback. You ordered the items and they were delivered. The contract between you and the store is complete. You also agreed the the terms and conditions for refunding at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, circumstances caused the missed deadline. You can ask for an...
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    Air Canada Help

    But did you write to each one one at a time, and wait one week between emails? You can click the company contacts button above, and reading the best way to write. I would start again, using these tactics.
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    Doctor's office owes me money

    Usually, we advocate getting off the phone and start emailing, but to do that, you are going to need some contact person at the Doctor's accounting firm. Call back and get a name, phone number and email for someone in the accounting department or billing firm. Many doctors' now farm out their...
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    Give away Timeshare

    This is not the correct forum for your post. This site is for consumer problems. You should contact a timeshare broker who can help you. I believe there are quite a few in the Orlando area.
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    Air Asia doesn't want a refund

    Very occasionally, a passenger can get a refund for a non-refundable ticket if they are seriously ill or injured. But these are rare exceptions to the no-refund rule. You admit your partner is not injured or ill, so you absolutely have no valid reason for requesting an exception. Your...
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    Air Canada Help

    Air Canada is liable for the damaged suitcase and the unused seat upgrades. But they were not responsible for the fire. It was unfortunate that you had to spend the night at a hotel, but as it was not caused by anything AC did, you just have to chalk it up to bad luck. Did you write to all 7 AC...
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    Hampton 28th Av, SeaTac, WA: Had to Set Up Meeting Room, They Put My Meeting Charges on Stranger's Credit Card-- Plus Many More Unbelievable Incidents

    This sounds terrible and I realize you are frustrated, but you really need to take a breath, calm down, and take the emotion out of the situation. If the Hampton location is a franchise, you probably won't get very far with Hilton Corporate. You also should only be working by email since...
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    Lost IPad Air on 4/14 Delta flight from Charlotte to Atlanta.

    Did you attempt to track it with the find my phone feature on your iPhone (if you have one)? When my purse was snatched (with my phone in it) I used my husband's phone to track it. We eventually found the purse discarded a block away, , minus of course, the phone and wallet.
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    Paying Tuition/Student Loans for Unattended Classes

    You owe $10,000 for one semester of classes? How did you sign up? In person or online? Did you attend any orientations prior to enrollment? At the time of enrollment, did you have an advisor and did you try to speak with him/her? This occurred 7+ years ago. Has the school financial aid office...
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    Account closed

    So, your friend had an Amazon account. He/she gave you Amazon gift cards. You added them to your account. Then Amazon closed your friend's account, and also yours because the gift cards connected the two accounts. It is unfortunate that your situation raises multiple red flags for Amazon 1. you...