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  1. George M

    Contact - phones, exec emails for UWorld,

    At the bottom of their home page, under "Support" is a "Contact Us" link. I assume you've tried it and are asking for further help but, if not, here's the link: They provide an address, fax number and email link.
  2. George M

    Problem with PayPal

    Over the years I've forwarded upwards of 25 attempted email scams to and PayPal has always responded by thanking me and saying that they'll look into it. Maybe they do, maybe they don't but if by causing PayPal to block just one fraudulent transaction because of my messages...
  3. George M

    Lost Avios Miles

    This post doesn't address the problem of your wife's lost points but it does touch on a workaround for British Air's notorious flight unavailability. For people who are having trouble booking flights with their British Air Avios, I heard of a way to get a better selection and sometimes use...
  4. George M

    Toyota USA refuses to fix manufacturing defects

    I'm sure that some turbo BMWs, Audis and others could use that much oil. My own anecdotal evidence is that my naturally aspirated BMW 528xi has 152K miles and still doesn't burn oil between 7,500 mile changes. Heck, it doesn't even have a dipstick!
  5. George M

    Toyota USA refuses to fix manufacturing defects

    There are a couple of schools of thought on this but first, have you cleaned your PCV valve and any crankcase ventilation screens or valves? This is the simplest fix for an oil guzzler if pressure is building up in your crankcase and forcing the oil into the combustion chamber. My father used...
  6. George M

    Contact information Huntington Bank

    Here's a link to the Contacts page of Huntington National Bank based in Columbus, OH: If you can't get anywhere with the regular contacts I see that there's a place to report fraud. If, as you say, there was a transaction after she...
  7. George M

    Toyota USA refuses to fix manufacturing defects

    I find it hard to believe that a quart of oil every 1,000 miles is within anyone's specifications. It probably used less than that when they tested your car because it had fresh oil that would be less likely to disappear than oil that had been driven a couple of thousand miles. That being...
  8. George M

    Priceline Bait and Switch

    Even though the ad mentions the Cadillac XTS, isn't that a picture of a Fiat Chrysler 300?
  9. George M

    GE Microwave/Oven Unit Destroyed by Self-Cleaning Cycle

    My understanding of your problem was that the extreme heat from the self-cleaning cycle of your oven ruined the microwave that is part of the combo. The microwave is located above the oven. Is this correct? We have a GE Profile combo with that configuration. You'd think it would be easy...
  10. George M

    Moved from Missouri to Littleton Colorado staying at the TownePlace suites by marriott

    I realize I'm late to the game here but I just saw this thread. Do you have good cell phone reception at the hotel? Do you have an unlimited data plan with your mobile carrier? Does your phone provide a WiFi Hotspot? If the answer to all of these is "yes" you can at least temporarily use...
  11. George M

    Does a contractor's liability insurance cover defective work?

    For what it's worth, our townhouse (in Rhode Island) was built in 2003 and we bought it in 2008. In February of 2010 we were in Florida when we received a phone call from someone checking on the place that there was five feet of water in our mostly finished basement, and our wine cooler was...
  12. George M

    No First Name on Passport

    There are thousands of veterans with discharge papers listing their middle names as n/m/n ("No Middle Name"). @Just A Guy 's suggestion resonates with me. I would book it as FNU or NFN but I would also try to verify this by thoroughly reviewing Portugal's passport control website and even...
  13. George M

    Blatant Fraud by Hertz Agents - please help

    Neil, it's my understanding that the government liability insurance is absolutely required for any rental. However Costa Rican car rental agents are notorious for high pressure sales of collision, theft, damage, etc. insurance that is not mandatory and may be covered by your own policy or...
  14. George M

    Where to keep passport when traveling

    I usually carry my passport and cash in an around-the-neck pouch, under my jacket or shirt. A few years ago I bought my wife a scarf that has a couple of secret zipper pockets and can be configured in several ways, depending on what she's wearing. She can keep her passport, cash and a couple...
  15. George M

    Damage claim Sixt (Munich airport)

    The damage shown in these photos seems minor. Car dealerships that sell "certified" used cars send damaged wheels to companies that can grind, buff and rebalance them, at a cost far less than that of a new wheel. If worse comes to worst, and Sixt refuses to listen to reason, you might consider...