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    How to retain seats paid for?

    Yes, and an aircraft change is not the same as an aircraft type change. If the former and the same flavor of say a 737-900, then there should be no issue with the seats and UA has no excuse for scrambling seat assignments. That said, of course it goes on and on because their IT systems are weak...
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    How to retain seats paid for?

    It's not clear to me if there actually was a change of aircraft type, from say a 777 to a 757 where a lot of premium seats would disappear (and what would UA do other then give preference to its elites), or not. I did have one case a couple of years back, with 1K status no less, where UA had...
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    Inadequate response to request for lost item

    I am sorry you lost your glasses, but agree with the others that UA isn't responsible. Not to nitpick, but the seat you said you were in is a middle (usually a 737 per FlightAware - 22F is a window), so I hope that this is just a typo in your post, and not that you gave them the wrong seat...
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    I paid full price but can't select a seat until 23 hours before check in?

    This one is on Lufthansa - up until a bit over a year ago (news first filtered out on Flyertalk in June 2017), there was no such restriction. LH then decided to impose it for all of their air carriers, regardless of class of service. Crazy, and stupid too, IMHO...
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    Surprise! You have a second layover in Amsterdam... even though you've already checked in and have your tickets!

    Wow, sounds like a nightmare! Could you post the original flights - airlines and flight #'s -- as well as the revisions? Sounds like possibly you were supposed to fly FRA/DTW on LH, who rebooked you via AMS which I would guess is KL or DL, but specifics would help. I do agree that...
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    Alaska Airlines - weather cancellation when other airlines just had delays

    Can also be crew if, for example the pilots scheduled to fly your flight didn't get the minimum crew rest before your flight per FAA rules. It's ironic that the aircraft can be there but the crew is not available.
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    Cancelled my ticket but have not received any cancellation confirmation e-mail

    Neil is correct. UA does not send cxl email even though it says that they do when you cxl online. If you log in to your UA account and go to Manage Reservations there's a Cancelled tab, it should be there but I don't think it will show the amount of the credit. I am also surprised that they are...
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    United Ticket||Star Alliance Segment Cancelled|| No Help from UA||

    Sorry to hear that your travel did not go as planned. As a point of information, Jet Airways is not a member of the Star Alliance and, in fact, they are also not shown on UA's website as a non-alliance partner.
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    Under-credited Mileage Plus miles

    Please understand that I am not offering an opinion on UA's policy here, just attempting to answer your questions. This is not about law ("legal?"), rather terms and conditions of UA's program. I will assume, based on what you have stated, that you did not purchase the ticket from UA. If this...
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    travel insurance

    Also, there are several websites which are clearing houses for many different sellers of travel insurance, and allow you to compare many plans and view the various coverages that are offered. For every trip I have insured, I have found better and less expensive coverage than what was offered by...
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    travel insurance

    Neil, I presume you were thinking about Medicare when you made the comment about not having coverage outside the U.S. If that is the sole coverage, you are correct, but my Senior Advantage through Kaiser Permanente (a very large self-operated HMO in California and other states) provides...
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    United won’t refund $2600 in tickets cancelled within 24 hours

    And try to stop using the word "steal". It's not an accurate description of what happened, and not only won't get you anywhere, will likely turn off whomever you contact. For the record (and hoping to help anyone in a similar situation in the future), here is the text of UA's 24-hour policy...
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    Lost Chase credit card points on a United website error

    Chase did what you requested, i.e. transfer points for UA miles. Why you did it is not their concern. UA, on the other hand, has a long history of showing phantom inventory on other airlines (OAL) -- I am guessing that the flight(s) were on another airline. As suggested above, appeals to UA's...
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    12/17 Atlanta airport debacle - refund/compensation

    So, if an agent on 9/11/2001, not understanding the gravity of the situation completely outside their airline's control, had offered a reroute which could not be fulfilled, would you be asking for compensation from said airline? This strikes me as 'no good deed goes unpunished'. Believe me, I...
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    United Airlines bait & switch - fare code purchased changed on operated flight

    @Trek5500, Thank you for all the information in your responses - yours is certainly a situation with complexity above and beyond the norm. Not that it will do much good for you at this point, but I do have one comment. I don't know if there's a general answer about how to "force" a UA...