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    My husband and I are upset because often at JFK Terminals 2 and 4, especially in the morning, the Pre-check line is NOT open. We must wait in the longer, general, line, behind all the clueless travellers. Only at the table for depositing luggage are we able to go through the older, non-x-ray...
  2. E vs. hotel booking

    We (husband and I) have travelled extensively in both U.S. and abroad. Always, always, book directly with hotel. Mostly chain properties (Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Starwoods.) Whenever we have had problems not of our making, they have been wonderful. The Hilton Park Lane in London was...
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    I feel like I was lied to

    The last time a gate agent in Orlando told me my flight was delayed because of 'weather,' my reply to him was, "Of course there is 'weather', there is always weather on planet Earth." If airlines mean 'bad weather'they should say so.
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    Lost Luggage Czech Airlines

    As Peter Greenberg has said, "There are two types of luggage, carry-on and lost." Sorry for the poster's problems, but there are so many ways luggage can be lost in the 'never-never.' Misdirection; actual theft by airline/airport staff; taken away, whether accidentally or on purpose, by...
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    Valet damage

    A few years back our almost new car was badly damaged in a hotel garage. There was no question of responsibility as one valet driver T-boned the driver's side door of our car while another valet driver was in it. Huge dent and shattered side window. Hotel contracted out garage, which had its...
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    Questions regarding tipping

    Spouse and I have travelled a lot, US and abroad. Japanese service is amazing. And, yes, no tipping, ever. Here, in US, we used to tip more, but then service was better. Now, for one-night stay, no tip. Often, if staying at hotel like Homewood Suites for two nights, we request no room...
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    Air France and skymiles ripoff

    Neil, yes, terrorism also. As to cost, euro is not so pricey as it had been. As to immigration: when we go to Europe, we want to feel a 'European' vibe. Even several years ago, large areas of London were not 'British.' Suburbs of Paris not 'French.' The bridge to Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome...
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    Air France and skymiles ripoff

    Spouse and I have lots of Delta Miles. Would always look for reward seats months in advance, sometimes 330 days out. Could always get flights if we were flexible as to dates. That said, Lately, we have been receiving e-mile offerings for flights to Europe for summer travel. I suspect...
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    Connecting Baggage

    This is more from me. I did not realize that you were checking stuff like a stroller and car seat. If you are renting a car, call the rental company to see if they have car seats for rental. As for the stroller, one of he other posters suggested buying one from Walmart or Costco. You can...
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    Here's What One Couple Went Through to Get Rid of Their Timeshare

    Try always to avoid exchanging you money for someone else's promise. It is an uneven exchanged, stacked against you. Also, how do you know you want to go back to the same place? (Discount those promises about exchanging.) Do some simple arithmetic - it's not even mathematics - and compute...
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    Another thing to consider at some point, now or future travel, is to where are you travelling? Some countries want visas. Russian, for an example, wants to know name of every school you ever went to, with its address; name of every place you have ever worked, with address; every country visited...
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    Connecting Baggage

    Do you really, really need to bring so much stuff you need to check bags? You're going to Hawaii? Shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit, underwear, sandals, floppy hat. Most everything else can be bought when you arrive: flip-flops, sunscreen, Aloha shirt. If you do a lot of souvenir shopping...
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    Such problems only confirm us in our resolve to never, ever book through a third party. We book directly with hotels (never packages, as the economics can get messy.) We never book non-refundable prices. We do check back on-line from time to time. Often, the price has dropped. So we...
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    Why you should use a travel agent

    From our experience, booking international travel - hotels, trains - has been mostly simple so long as one does some research. Husband and I have travelled to about 35 foreign countries. Mostly Europe, but also Japan, Argentina, Chile. We book all hotels directly with the hotel - never, ever...
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    Bags Pile Up at Phoenix Airport Following TSA Screening Glitch

    Months ago I wrote to Elliott about TSA pre-check lanes not being open at JFK Terminals 2 and 4 (Delta's terminals.) Husband and I each paid for pre-check, went though process, have 'pre-check' on our boarding passes. Still stuck on regular, long, long lines. This is bait and switch. What...