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  1. divinemsmstl

    Charter Bright House/Spectrum/Waypoint Collecting From Wrong Person

    I sympathize with the OP and his (her?) frustration with dealing with the "big 3" credit reporting agencies. When Equifax screwed up a couple of years ago re: not protecting credit info, we immediately locked down our files with them and the other 2 major agencies (actually, there are 4 total...
  2. divinemsmstl

    NORWEGIAN SKY: Cruise from HELL

    We sailed on the Sky in January (our itinerary was only to Key West and to 3 ports in the Bahamas, not to Cuba). Yes, we booked it through Costco Travel because they had some sweeteners that made it attractive. Prior to that cruise, we were on a short cruise to Mexico on RCCL. On our last...
  3. divinemsmstl

    HDTV bought @ Costco in 2012 is failing .. any recourse?

    Well, I did get a reply from Costco's member services. I was given a link to the Concierge page on Costco's website. I'll have to dig and see if they (Concierge Services) have an e-mail address, because I would prefer to have my info about this case in writing. When I opened the page, all I saw...
  4. divinemsmstl

    DirecTV rant

    DirecTV seems to be getting harder to deal with all the time. I'm about ready to write AT&T (using the contacts I found here). My biggest gripe with them at the moment is that they don't seem to want us to sign another 2-year contract, so we could keep some control on our cable TV costs. Our...
  5. divinemsmstl

    HDTV bought @ Costco in 2012 is failing .. any recourse?

    On February 17, 2012 we purchased a 60" LG HDTV at the Costco store in St. Peters, MO. At the time of purchase, we also bought a SquareTrade extended warranty for an additional 5 years of coverage beyond the standard Costco 2 years. (We do not normally purchase extended warranties on anything...
  6. divinemsmstl

    Budget not having the ordered car

    A few years ago we booked a car from a major rental company for a road trip to the Eastern US (PA, VA, etc.) We requested a full-size car, which would have ideally gotten us a Chevy Impala. Plenty of room for luggage, etc. and comfortable for the long drive from STL. Got to the rental office...
  7. divinemsmstl

    Mobile phone use outside the US

    I have taken Neil's advice and have installed Skype on my iPhone (which also puts it on my iPad). Thanks to all for the suggestions. The main reason I was concerned about getting messages outside of US is because hubby is rather antsy about the stock market right now, and wants to be able to...
  8. divinemsmstl

    Mobile phone use outside the US

    We both have iPhones, so that's doable. Hadn't considered it … thanks.
  9. divinemsmstl

    Mobile phone use outside the US

    Husband & I are leaving for Florida in a few days to board 2 cruises -- one to MX, the other to the Bahamas. We have 4 days in FL between the 1st and 2nd cruise. I inquired with our cell provider (Consumer Cellular) about what it would take to make our service with them operational in those...
  10. divinemsmstl

    Shopping for wedding dresses

    Another aspect of buying a wedding dress online -- or any piece of clothing that is made in China -- is that they probably use "Asian sizing", which could be 2 or 3 sizes smaller than the equivalent US size. (Using the size 12 example above, an Asian size 12 might fit a US size 6 or 8.) Many of...
  11. divinemsmstl

    Are we safe in the Bahamas?

    In fact, the bags I've looked at are advertised as slash-proof (steel reinforcement in strap, steel mesh in sides/body of bag). Have looked on and Amazon, but haven't yet pulled the trigger on anything. What I use when shopping here is a medium Coach bag (fabric w/ leather trim) which...
  12. divinemsmstl

    Are we safe in the Bahamas?

    OK, but isn't a common method of handbag theft slashing the bag and/or the strap, so it falls away easily or the contents can be easily accessed? That was my reason for buying a theft-resistant bag. (We're also going on a cruise to Mexico the week before the Bahamas cruise; while I don't intend...
  13. divinemsmstl

    Are we safe in the Bahamas?

    We are going on this same NCL cruise (albeit a couple weeks later). The advice you all have given is solid -- just good common sense. The only thing I've heard about the Bahamas was from my hairdresser … her comment was that the beaches were beautiful, but that the cities had many...
  14. divinemsmstl

    Red Plum ads

    I think OP mentioned that the ad inserts are delivered by the Chicago Tribune, and that she's repeatedly asked them to stop delivering them to her. Similar situation in STL -- subscribers to the Post-Dispatch get these inserts in their newspapers, but non-subscribers get just the inserts thrown...
  15. divinemsmstl

    Insuring 2 cruises ... separately or with a yearly policy?

    First cruise is round trip from Fort Lauderdale; 2nd one is round trip from Miami. Definitely not going home to STL in between. We're still discussing whether to book a hotel in/near Fort Lauderdale, bunk with one of the friends or relatives we have in other parts of the state (which would be a...