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  1. Dave112


    Internet and phone scammers use gift cards to get money from victims. They request that the victims buy gift cards, scratch the protective cover off of the number, take picires of the gift card and the receipt. Then they have these emailed to them, usually overseas. The balance is usually...
  2. Dave112

    American Airlines misinformed me costing me half my spring break vacation

    From what I can see that flight took off 15 minutes late, and arrived early in Dallas. What time did you speak to the representative at the counter? Is it possible that you missed the check-in time and they removed you from the flight for that reason?
  3. Dave112

    AerLingus disgraceful Customer Service

    They actually provided a refund for the seat upgrades, which is what you would have gotten had you moved to the other seats offered on the same flight. You may not have been able to fly on another flight the same day, and if you did, there would have been no guarantee for the upgraded seats...
  4. Dave112

    Duped now wanting refund

    You would have to consult with an attorney to see where the jurisdiction for a civil suit would be against your relative. With what stated here you should not attempt to make a criminal case for theft, because you willingly paid for the cruise. If you contact your local bar association they...
  5. Dave112

    I experienced online shopping fraud and Nordstorm didn't do anything.

    You should contact your local police department and file a identity theft claim. The chances of catching and prosecuting this offender will be small, bit you will generate a paper trail going forward, because identity thieves don't usually open only one line of credit. You should ask for a...
  6. Dave112

    Discrimination on Military discount at Lowe's Home Improvement stores

    As you pointed out it appears that because the policy applies equally to same sex marriages and others with no name change it really wouldn't be discrimination to any protected group. What you may want to do is write an email to those on the list of contacts, following the suggested method...
  7. Dave112

  8. Dave112


    You can start by emailing to If you are not able to resolve your issue with them, then compose a letter and email the company contacts listed here,starting with the primary contact, and if you do not receive help form them, move up one on the list. Leave a week between...
  9. Dave112

    Account closed

    Gift cards are the most prevalent way that phone and internet scammers get money from their victims. Amazon recognizes this and also recognizes that Nigeria is a hotbed of these types of scams. This would probably be the reason for the closure of the account and freezing of the gift cards that...
  10. Dave112

    SW Airline makes medical decision and takes passengers' tickets

    Unless you are unable to make the choice due to your mental or physical condition, you have the right to refuse medical treatment. The medical bills will be your responsibility, because you were required by Southwest to have a doctors clearance to fly, you chose to see these medical...
  11. Dave112 Account "On Hold" help.

    Gift cards account for the highest percentage of Amazon closed account problems. The reason for this is the majority of criminal behavior/scams take place using gift cards. Where do you live? Where did you purchase the cards from? We're all the cards purchased from the same location? Were...
  12. Dave112

    Car Dealership sells previously wrecked car as new

    The first thing that I would do if this were my car would be to take it to a reputable body shop of your choice, and have it inspected front to rear. You should have some type of evidence that the vehicle was damaged. This will give you the information you need to demand a remedy.
  13. Dave112

    Comfort+ Seat Confusion - Software Glitch?

    I did a test booking on the delta app, and find that it does show that this is a flight operated by Virgin Atlantic. You are correct in the fact that VA seat guru shows that this is a premium economy section.
  14. Dave112

    JETBLUE VACATION labyrinth

    It appears that the credit that you were given for the first cancelled vacation package will be lost if you do not use it by 5/3/19. JetBlue also will not let you use credits given for flights only, by their terms you may only use them on another vacation package. If you cancel this trip it...