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  1. Dave112

    Extended Stay America

    The police were called by the manager of he hotel, and the manager asked for the OP to leave. The police officer only saw to the orderly removal of the OP. The police would only have acted if the OP refused to leave, making it a possible criminal violation. While federal law prevents...
  2. Dave112

    Uber suspended account without explanation

    If you set up a second account this is a violation of Uber's terms of service.
  3. Dave112

    Non-Revenue in First Class

    I have had the privilege of flying as a Non-Rev passenger on standby. I was not guaranteed a seat on all of the flights of my trip. I was placed in comfort for one leg, and at the back of the plane for another. Since the plane goes out with the same amount paid by the passengers it makes no...
  4. Dave112

    Google Pay/Ticketmaster scam

    Paige, I am sorry you were scammed. The scammers are usually overseas and as soon as you send them the photos of the cards and the reciepts, the value of the card is spent. Although many of these companies are trying their best, it is impossible to track all gift cards. The cold hard truth is...
  5. Dave112

    ebay closed my account and kept 300 dollar in gift cards

    At first you said you bought the gift cards, then you say that you received them as a gift, which was it? If you purchased them, what Staples store did you purchase them from?
  6. Dave112


    Have you contacted the airport lost and found in Istanbul to see if you could arrange return of your bag via a shipper like DHL? You may have to pay for this service, but ultimately if the choice is losing the contents forever or getting it back, it sounds like it would be the best possibility...
  7. Dave112

    Getting paid by Direct TV for work they asked me to do for them

    Try this #. 1-310-964-5000.
  8. Dave112

    IQ online trade

    Also be aware that since you sent money to this scam, it will be very likely that other attempts will follow in the coming weeks. Do not send any money, gift cards or anything else. The promises will sound very good but these people share names and contact information of their victims.
  9. Dave112

    customer service

    Stop calling, compose an email with bullet points of he above steps that you have taken and send to the primary contact on this list. Also include what your desired remedy is. If there is no response after five days move to the next contact.
  10. Dave112

    PayPal permanently limited my account

    When you signed up for PayPal did you sign up as living in the U.S.? If you did you may have to open a U.S. bank account to get your money. PayPal requires that you open the account in which you reside.
  11. Dave112

    problem with

    I tried to replicate your issue with Ga and Fl, and no matter how many times I searched Gainsville I always got Fl by default. No matter how many times a mistake is made, the policies will be the fall back, not what someone at the hotel says. Marriot has their own system for reservations...
  12. Dave112

    Kenmore Washer

    You are going to have a hard time with getting money out of Sears, you didn't buy anything from them, so it's not their responsibility. You purchased a machine from a scratch and dent store, what are their warranty terms? If you feel you are a victim of a fraud at the point of sale you may...
  13. Dave112

    Target stole $40

    Was one of the gift cards a card you had received from Target because you had previously returned an item? If so Target may think that you are trying to evade policies on a previously returned item.
  14. Dave112

    PayPal freezing accounts no reason and refusing to give money back to specially in emergency

    Have you gone through the resolution center, and requested he limitation review as they asked?
  15. Dave112

    PayPal freezing accounts no reason and refusing to give money back to specially in emergency

    There are many reasons that PayPal may have closed your accounts, not just because there was a negative balance. You state you have a business account, having a business account gives PayPal more permissions to scrutinize your activities. Would you post a copy of the email you sent to PayPal...