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    What's up with Hertz and their policies for seniors/the disabled?

    Every so often I get an email from Hertz saying that "You've earned a free terminal drop off". It is a "reward" for being a frequent renter. I can elect to reserve now (in the email) and a Hertz employee will give me a ride to the terminal from the rental car drop off area. Since I am almost...
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    Yes, you are correct. If the OP does NOT want to pay for premium class they could be seated in Row 11 or 18 without paying extra, because those are also designated as handicapped. So, Alaska will not move her up for free when there is the handicapped option within the fare class she paid for.
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    The OP's flight is a Horizon E175, the accessible seats on this plane are row 6, 11, and 18. The saver fare is $64.00 (today) that does not allow advance seat selection and the Main cabin is $79 which does allow advance seat selection. To sit in rows which have the extra leg room (premium...
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    Wi-Fi Problem between Alaska Airlines & Go Go Air

    From Alaska: "Better inflight Wi-Fi is on its way. We're launching a new, satellite-based Wi-Fi service from Gogo, which will let you stream, browse, and chat from gate departure to gate arrival. The new service will debut in April 2018, and gradually expand to our entire Boeing and Airbus...
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    Is 40minute domestic transfer enough in Atlanta?

    Before counting on any airline "holding a plane" for you might consider this: You book a flight from FirstCity to SecondCity, but the plane will continue on as a separate fight to ThirdCity. There may be people on the flight that leaves SecondCity to ThirdCity also with tight connections. If...
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    United v. Alaska; United wins

    Starting on the Alaska Airlines home page you see options to book flights, hotels, cars, or packages. Clicking on hotels or cars for example will bring up a new page, the top of which says: Expedia/Alaska. Right below that is a link that says: Back to Alaska. They must have changed the web page...
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    Are we safe in the Bahamas?

    When I take excursions off a cruise ship I do not take unneeded items, for example all the normal credit cards, gas card, grocery cards etc. that are normally in my purse will not be needed when I am on a shore excursion. I just take what I actually would use with me. And, before I go on a trip...
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    Connecting Flight Danger In Frankfurt

    I look at where I am sitting in the various types of planes so that I can figure out how long it will be before I can deplane. If it is a small regional get with bags that are dropped off in the jetway I need to add extra time to stand in the jetway waiting to collect my carryon. How large is...
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    Is The U.S. gov’t trying to scam travelers into paying for Clear?

    I use my mobile boarding pass even if I have a paper one because TSA takes longer with the paper ones, but the disadvantage to that is sometimes the wrong pass comes up. It might be my husband, it might be for my connecting flight later that day or the flight I had yesterday. Cruise season at...
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    This how American Airlines handles its customers

    I have been told that the airport monitors are updated by the airport, not necessarily the airline. Therefore, I should always check with a gate agent to see if my gate has changed or not. I have been at gates many times watching people come up to the gate agent asking for a flight their...
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    Help with baggage fees

    There is a chart near the bottom of the page that provides all the checked bag fees for American Airlines.
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    Going through Customs

    I have read enough here to know that "documents are in order" means that you need to be sure about the Visa requirements for any country you visit, not the airline, AND make sure your passports are good for at least 6 months from the date of your flights.
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    How to get American Airlines to forfeit cancellation charges on flights?

    Consider if there were major fires in Lexington, would that disrupt a tour of the bourbon trail? Would you not tour Nashville if there were issues with fires in Louisville? or Fort Knox? California and the "wine region" is so huge that the fires in one area are not impacting other areas EXCEPT...
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    When a flight is delayed or canceled, can't customer service lines for rebooking be made customer-friendly?

    List item #3 from johnbaker is a GREAT tip! ORD (Chicago) is an airport that frequently has weather issues. I had a connecting flight that was cancelled, as a result the AA computer system automatically booked me on a flight that would make me arrive at my destination 7 hours after I was...
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    British Airways agent needlessly cancels my entire itinerary

    Not everyone in a line is able to get their business done quickly. (ie. not everyone has their boarding pass and ID, are not changing seats or flights, and are merely checking in and dropping bags that are under the weight limits). It is possible to be in a very short line, but still take over...