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    Priceline nonrefundable, noncancelable reservations

    In the OPs defense one of my airline apps does not time out and goes right into the search I stopped at when I am signed in. I actually find this annoying that it does not clear itself and time out. But I do not know about Priceline. And no one plays around my phone, have it password...
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    AVIANCA AIRLINES - Unaccompanied Minor

    I do not understand the return routing. Where is jet blue and what is the direct flight on return? Is this ticketed as a code share? “This service does not apply for reservations with affiliated and/or codeshare airlines, It applies for flights operated by Avianca Holdings S.A. Airlines...
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    Priceline nonrefundable, noncancelable reservations

    This would get into a tricky legal question. Toddlers and young children are not often legally responsible yet parent can be held responsible— but the state laws vary and there is a question of intent. Not a lawyer so I cannot answer. But the hardest part would be convincing the credit card...
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    Freedom Furniture Australia - Refusing a Refund

    As Neil mentioned this forum is based in the US and most of us are unfamiliar with Australian consumer laws and protection. What I can say is that here in the US it is hard to prove polling as a defect in fabric as some fabrics by either fiber or weaving process are more prone to having this...
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    "Cancel for any reason" policy advice

    Neil has given very important advice. Insurance products vary by country and residency. You do not want them to spend money on a policy and find it does not cover UK residents
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    Advice on how to pursue refund/reimbursement

    Tonya when one arrives only an hour before departure with luggage to check that basically means there is only 15 minutes to get it done. That may be ok when things go right but as soon as there is a problem—- potential disaster. And the problem may not even be with the waiting traveler but...
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    Swiss Air Travel vouchers

    Do you know why the flight from BCN was delayed? And why the next day Zurich flight was delayed? Compensation assessment can take some time. Now to a warning. Swiss has chosen to adopt EU 261 regarding cancellations and such but has a much stricter view on the compensation vs duty of care...
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    Qatar Airways: departure 23.July 2018

    While waiting for a response, I would look at the various lounge options. Even if one has to pay, it may be worth it just to have the option for a shower and a quiet space. But look at the amenities for the various lounges so as to make the best choice. People may want to be sure to have...
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    Advice on how to pursue refund/reimbursement

    I do not see UA reimbursing for a missed cruise. And I have to say from personal experience being in line in time is often not just good enough. I was in line at Delta in Seattle about 30 minutes before check in with luggage closed — yes cutting it close. An Alaska airlines flight had been...
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    Assistance required - Etihad customer experience onboard

    Did they give you anything at the airport? Yes it is a failure of customer service to reimburse the 40 euro person per day (if that is what it is, just a guess).for the 1.5 days. Have you tried to write to the customer contacts and include the receipts and all.
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    Assistance required - Etihad customer experience onboard

    The delayed baggage issue is certainly an annoyance. Airlines tend to have a maximum limit per day of reimbursement for essentials. How long were the bags delayed? How have you been contacting them to submit a claim and receipts? Has the airline even acknowledged receipt of the claim...
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    Qatar Airways: departure 23.July 2018

    Qatar is really strict with this, even for business class passengers -- for economy expect a firm no, which is why I recommended looking for alternatives in addition to writing the letter. Hope the the best, but be prepared to hear the word no. Have a friend who flew the airline a lot for...
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    Qatar Airways: departure 23.July 2018

    From a practical point of view, I can see how a stopover of less than 8 hours may not be worth a hotel stay -- given the time to get out of the hotel (immigration), transport to the hotel, check in, and that would leave very little time at the hotel before turning around and going back to the...
  14. C order cannot be shipped.

    But what was the physical store in the US? Gift cards that are left out in the open are often cloned. Could the gift card numbers have been stolen after purchase? Cloning of gift cards is a major problem. How long has this been going on? There may be a problem with the gift cards, and...
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    How to get refund from Mytrip?

    Yifat where are you located? The only reason I ask is that there are some consumer agencies that help EU citizens in disputes with EU companies. T The online reviews are terrible and many people have had the same time problem — hard to reach, no response, and so on. Have you tried using an...