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    @SierraRose49 To be fair..... prior to the merger, SPG gold was NOT equivalent to Marriott gold, and the points were NOT equivalent. Prior to the merger: SPG Gold : required 10 stays or 25 nights Marriott Gold: required 50 nights SPG Gold: welcome amenity was a drink or beverage Marriott...
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    Travel through Hong Kong airport and potential political problems

    While I understand your concerns, if your travel plans are "a few months" away, a lot can change in that time. I would work with your travel agent to develop a contingency plan and monitor the situation closely. I would also monitor the airline's website for any press releases and updated...
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    Extenuating medical circumstances

    From the airline's perspective, they are contracted to fly you and your partner from point A to point B. They are prepared to fly you and your partner from point A to point B. The reality is that everyone feels their rational for receiving a refund is "an extenuating circumstance" but you case...
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    american homeshield

    Honestly, at this point, I would consider getting a 2nd opinion from another air conditioning company. This is so that you can get your air conditioning system back online as soon as possible.
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    Avis Windshield Damage

    The OP acknowledges that the chip occurred when he/she was driving the vehicle, so there is no disputing that fact. Unfortunately, windshield chip that is visible and noticeable is damage to the vehicle, so any repair charges are going to be valid. My suspicion is that the return agent said...
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    Had to pay full fare for baby but received confirmation that nothing was necessary for lap child...

    In social media, "asking for a friend" is frequently used when in fact, the OP is asking for themselves. It is so pervasive that there are even meme's about it. @frostin Is "your friend" you, or not? What the other advocates are saying is, "your friend" needs to be the one posting and answering...
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    PetSmart Contacts?

    Perhaps this will help. The e-mail format for petsmart corporate is first initial+last name What is the specific issue that you are having?
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    Priceline and Thrifty disagree on class of car promised, I got a smaller car for the higher class price. Neither will credit the difference.

    I completely understand your frustration with your situation. However, the problem with your claim is that at the end of the day, Thrifty rented you a compact SUV. They are not under any legal obligation to rent you a specific car type. But how did this problem occur? Rental car companies have...
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    Alaskan Cruise

    Please consult a travel agent that specializes in Alaska cruises. A qualified travel agent will review your needs and wants, review the pro/cons of specific brands, ships and itineraries, and help you book the trip that is best for you. There are many factors that need to be considered for a...
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    To be fair to Marriott, this is probably a case of a property or franchise a) not aware of the corporate policy or b) disregarding corporate policy. Frankly, corporate botched this one too. It shouldn't take 3-5 days to reverse this charge. I would definitely write the Marriott executive...
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    Non-Refunable This is another shocker and is disappointing that AmEx isn't fully investigating your claim. You're doing a great job of getting my blood boiled this morning. Hotel not following the published rate rules. Doubles down by stonewalling. Credit...
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    Norwegian Flight of Pure Terror

    Crazy question.... but would the OP also be eligible for EU261 compensation since he/she was traveling to the UK (EU member state as of now) on an EU based airline? I don't think this would be considered extraordinary circumstance though the airline may claim so
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    I would use the e-mail contacts so that Marriott management is aware of a non-conforming property. Otherwise this could be swept under the run and no telling if they do it again.
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    Full disclosure. We are Bonvoy elite members. I'm shocked at this point, because the OP was 100% entitled to cancel with a full refund. I'm shocked because, this should have been a simple refund request. Was it the hotel that was stonewalling? I'm super curious as to which hotel this was!
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    Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Dashboard Error Code

    I'm sorry to hear about your plight. But, based on the facts that you presented, I do not see how Toyota is at fault here or owes you any reimbursement. I'm relieved that a mechanic finally fix your car. By your own admission, it took your independent ASE certified mechanic several additional...