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    Phony toll charge on car rental

    There are no toll roads in the immediate Sarasota area. The rental car company should be able to identify the exact toll booth that you went through. I just went through 3 months worth of Sunpass invoices and can't find any that is exactly $0.99. If you already settled for $3.75, I would let...
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    Disney World Mess

    @VPS Thank you for providing feedback. Disney vacations, budget wise, are not for the faint of heart. It is understandable that anyone would be frustrated after spending north of $15k for a vacation that was fraught with issues. I hope that your solution will include a "re-do" of your vacation...
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    Disney World Mess

    To the OP... glad that you finally received a response and a satisfactory solution. Disney may get a bad reputation as being a "greedy, multi-billion dollar" corporation, but I will say that from a customer service standpoint, you will not find a more accommodating company. They really go...
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    Delta canceled my flight and rebooked me on a earlier flight I may not be able to make as I am coming in from an International flight. What can I do?

    Without knowing your travel dates, I'm going to some speculating here. Were you initially booked on DL 1637? That appears to be the 5PM-6PM flight from DTW to BWI. If not, is that flight available on your travel dates? or is it sold out? The issue with your connection at DTW isn't if the...
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    Disney World Mess

    VPS, I’ve had some more time to digest your post. It appears there are 3 issues: Dining plan issues. All signature restaurants are 2 credits for dinner. A CM (cast member) should have informed your parents that Jiko is a 2-credit meal. Since this was not explained, had you brought this up to...
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    Disney World Mess

    Your post is effective unreadable. Your request for "The whole trip being taken care of" is unreasonable and will not be granted. It sounds like the crux of the issue was with the magic band and misinformation over the dining plan. All dinners at signature restaurants (ie Jiko, Yachtsman)...
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    Hertz & PurCO Charging Me Diminished Value Charges

    You need to get your insurance company (Liberty Mutual) involved. as to whether diminished value is enforceable, that depends on the state. If it is enforceable, then your negotiation power is based on subjective figure of the diminished value. $5000 seems excessive
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    Interjet Canceled My Flight - Refund Nightmare

    I'm genuinely curious as to the rationale as to why Expedia defers to Interjet. As Neil says, dispute this on your credit card, if you are within the allowed time frame. I would start with a written communication to Expedia and escalate as needed.
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    Interjet Canceled My Flight - Refund Nightmare

    I would pursue this with Expedia. They are your "travel agent." They booked the flight, they need to advocate on your behalf.
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    Comcast reps won't answer fee question without our ordering service first.

    If they are that difficult and obtuse BEFORE you are a customer, imagine how their customer no service is after you become a customer. Are there any other alternatives?
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    Slip and fall at Dreams Sands Cancun

    Your issue is that this occurred in Mexico, where consumer protection laws and limits of liability are not the same as in the United States. The amount that you are seeking as compensation is low enough that consulting with a lawyer is not going to be worthwhile. You can request compensation...
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    Air Italy - Non Refundable Tickets

    Obviously you aren't reading the forum posts, because no one in this forum would have advised you to "dispute" the charges. As Christina and Neil have said, you have abused the chargeback process. There are several ways this will end badly for you... 1) Capital one investigates, determines the...
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    Air Italy - Non Refundable Tickets

    Please say that you didn't "dispute" the charge with Capital One, and that the "refund" is a preliminary credit that will be reversed when Air Italy contests the dispute.
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    Let miles expire! Help

    Ooof. 18000 miles is effectively only good for a free flight on a saver award (very limited inventory) flight of < 500 miles. For $168, I personally would let the miles expire.