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  1. Carrie Livingston

    Ukraine International Airlines

    Generally when you attach something to one of the execs it causes the email to bounce back. Try sending the email to the first contact without attaching anything. You can state that you have documentation if they would like it but don't attach it.
  2. Carrie Livingston

    Ukraine International Airlines

    Are you attaching anything to your email?
  3. Carrie Livingston

    Needing Vehicle Registration from Wells Fargo

    Read the instructions on how to write in post #2 and then start your writing campaign.
  4. Carrie Livingston

    United Healthcare Rx plan - confusing UHC billing e-mail that resulted in unnecessary cancellation

    Read this thread prior to sending your email. Our advice is to send to the primary contact, wait a week and then to the next contact.
  5. Carrie Livingston

    United Healthcare Rx plan - confusing UHC billing e-mail that resulted in unnecessary cancellation

    You can send a certified letter but you will see quicker results with an email. When you email, don't attach anything to the email as that can cause it to go to spam or bounce back.
  6. Carrie Livingston


    @Neil Maley and @weihlac I've moved these posts to @Tallyrose42 's existing thread.
  7. Carrie Livingston

    Air Canada Abandons Passengers in Vancouver

    We are all volunteers here. I don't believe that Christina works for AC. She is simply trying to present additional options for you in the future.
  8. Carrie Livingston

    Philippine airlines: Please refund

    Travel documents are always the responsibility of the passenger. It appears you used an online booking service (GotoGate) and they likely won't take any responsibility for travel documents. It is true that if you miss the first leg of the trip that the remaining legs are cancelled. I don't...
  9. Carrie Livingston

    Brazilian Visa

    There are the requirements for traveling to Brazil for a US citizen... To enter Brazil, all U.S. citizens, including infants, must have both a passport and a tourist visa (valid for five years). To obtain one, you must submit the following to the Brazilian Embassy or to the nearest consulate. A...
  10. Carrie Livingston

    Google Store Inappropriately Charged Sales Tax

    So glad you got this resolved and sorry it was such a pain. Thanks for the update!
  11. Carrie Livingston

    health insurance for expat traveling to the United States

    I googled the below and came up with some options... swiss resident needs us health insurance for visit I figured that somewhat explained the situation. There were several options that came up so you might want to look into those.
  12. Carrie Livingston

    Bitten by bed bugs!

    @girlbaker if you didn't treat your luggage when you came home you probably brought them home with you. There are ways to treat the luggage and the contents inside to kill them although I don't know the details. I'm sure you can google that for future reference.
  13. Carrie Livingston

    Thinking of booking a cuba cruise in February 2021

    @justlisa I was going to say the same thing about the potential restrictions on cruising to Cuba. If you are taking this route I would definitely want to get insurance that covers port cancellation.