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    My experience (3 times) is that if you are delayed to your FINAL destination (on the same ticket presented at the onset of that trip) you are due compensation. I live near a regional airport and for that reason I do not book low cost tickets out of major hubs as I would then need a separate...
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    Cheaper to fly on AA r/t from Italy than R/T from US.

    @AMA Can you please explain your comment? I can not see why you would not be "allowed" to purchase a ticket from a European website. My son works in Paris. He has a US credit card. Why should he not be able to book a round-trip from France? unless there is some sort of residency requirement (...
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    LA Times subscription issues continue??

    After having some billing issues (being charged more than $2/day for the paper subscription but only credited .31$/day for vacation stops...we travel for several weeks, several times a year) with our local paper, I switched to the online version. I hate it! On both my Ipad and SurfacePro the...
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    Travel insurance coverage of electronics is unclear...please advise.

    Somewhat off topic but people should know that most insurance companies will insist on original receipts and pay out at a greatly depreciated rate (even if the item is only a few weeks or months old). Just like a car that loses value as soon as you drive off the lot. This summer we had a...
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    Norwegian/Hi Fly and EU 261/2004 compensation

    Not exactly the same situation but as I have posted before my adult son collected twice last August after his first flight on Brussels Airlines was cancelled for mechanical issues. Rebooked for the next day on Air France. The second leg of that trip was also delayed making him miss his last...
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    EU 261 Double Cancellation Question

    My son had two EU claims last year on the same booking. He had a UA frequent flyer ticket Bordeaux-Brussels- Hamburg-Newark-Rochester NY late August (hey, you take what you can get for @$90 in taxes at that time of the year, plus his lay-over in Hamburg was overnight, arriving mid-afternoon...
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    Hold charges & requirements for France rental?

    I have been renting cars at CDG (mostly from Hertz) 3-4x/year for the last 4 years and have been taking short-term leases every summer for over 25 years. I have never been asked for an international driver's license. Never been asked by any "gendarmes" either BUT after reading the terms and...
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    New Rental Car with few miles (full gas & oil) overheated in France. Hertz/Thrifty sent us a bill for ~ $5000

    Good luck getting any kind of satisfying response from Hertz France, especially if you do not write to them in French (which I did...I am a native speaker). I have had two major issues with Hertz France both which were satisfactorily resolved by contacts at Hertz International, I believe based...
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    Long term car rental in France

    yes, but usually a bit more expensive
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    Another thank you to Delta

    Several people reacted that the Airline had no control over TSA and that some/many(?) incoming international passengers may not have had a connection. However at Dulles the terminal is reserved for only United and partner airlines. The Dulles website states the capacity of the terminal...
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    Long term car rental in France

    I have been taking a short-term lease in France for every summer (usually 50-52 days) for over 20 yrs. Wonderful experience. Brand new car right at airport. Do not need to return with gas in tank. Requires no additional insurance. Your immediate family allowed to drive car at no additional...
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    Hertz rental

    I have had multiple issues with Hertz rentals in Europe over the past years (grossly exaggerated damage charges, undisclosed dynamic currency conversion at very unfavorable rates, etc). My contacts with Hertz corporate in the US and customer service in France were less than satisfying. However I...
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    How To Protect Yourself When Renting A Car

    I know that I am coming a little late to the table on this one but please add to your information about avoiding dynamic currency conversion on foreign car rentals. If you are using a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees you absolutely want to tell the agent (and I add it in writing...
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    Another thank you to Delta

    to jsn55: Thanks for the compliment! I am a newbie at this but enjoy sharing what I learn. Give me some more time and I'll seriously consider it.
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    Another thank you to Delta

    Neil, absolutely! However I wanted to let others that sometimes that is not true, especially at airline hubs. I have had airlines deny culpability in delays when they clearly knew that they were at fault (i.e. EC 261 monetary rewards for delayed flights...two separate airlines have tried to tell...