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    Laptop left on Delta flight; not turned in to lost & found

    I left a Kindle on a flight. Filed the report. After 30 days not found they closed the file. 60 days later lo and behold I get an email my Kindle was found. Left on plane in Seattle. Was at Houston airport. Not cheap to get back with shipping but it did get returned. You never know.
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    Delta Vacations Problem

    Remember when the next fundraising campaign starts. :)
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    Inadequate response to request for lost item

    I left my Kindle on a plane recently in a side pocket on a first class seat. I realized it about an hour later. I filled out the online lost item form and received the same 30 day time line to look for the item. After 30 days it was not found and file was closed. I too couldn't understand...
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    Persistance pays,

    This is a great story. Thanks for sharing that consumer advocacy can work when the consumer is smart along with the 3 "P"s.
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    Travel Concierge Service

    I sincerely hope you have the 10 days to rescind and you can get hold of someone or make sure that it is done in that time frame. I can see them not being reachable for 10 days and then magically they are available for you to book on dates that don't suit at properties that are not appealing...
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    Budget/Sedgwick letter for $25,000

    And this is why I returned a car I was renting when the change oil light came on. I had 2 weeks left on that rental and I didn't want to be held responsible if there was an issue. So glad I did.
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    AVIS Windshield Damage $487.00

    The fact that you ended up switching cars at one point may be the problem. The first car may be the one with the damage that a subsequent renter sustained but the car was still linked to your rental contract as well. I had this happen with an Easy Pass bill that I did not incur. I had to...
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    Missing middle name on plane ticket. Booked in Cheapoair!!!

    Jaye mentioned she has a 24 hour layover in Shanghai. Is she going to need a visa? I seem to recall there was an issue in China even if you were connecting on a flight that you still needed a visa.
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    American Airlines - Issue While Traveling With an Infant

    I didn't read through the whole letter either. Way too much to wade through. But I agree you should have been physically at the gate by the boarding time on your boarding pass. Maybe if you had mentioned when you checked in that rather than board first you would prefer to wait until later in...
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    Dental insurance overpayment

    She definitely needs to get a print out of her account. Then she can match up the payments received from each company plus her personal payment, along with her EOB's to see exactly where the money went. If the charges, payments, and any adjustments don't add up she should definitely report...
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    Dental insurance overpayment

    Can I ask what insurance companies you have that are paying these claims? Primary ? and Secondary ? Having worked in the dental field for over 35 years this is illegal but it happens. I don't know why the dental office would not file the secondary claim as most dental software is programmed...
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    What are the options for a no-fault, unattended car accident claim in California?

    I think you have summed this up well jsn55.
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    Claim of Pet Hair and Sand in Vehicle results in 250 charge

    I have returned many rentals with more sand, dirt, whatever than these pictures indicate and have never been charged a cleaning fee. It looks like a normal amount of clean up would be necessary. I too would challenge this fee. Now I guess I need to take pictures of the floor mats as well when...
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    Qatar Airlines, Unfair Luggage Charge

    My understanding is you had 2 carry-ons but were only allowed 1. (With your travel experience you should have been aware of that) When you checked in you were told only 1 carry on and advised to put the extra one in your checked bag. You did this, the bag was checked, nothing said about...
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    Denied 4000 United Airline points when canceling Chase Explorer Credit Card

    I recently had points on a USAA card. They changed the way you could redeem for airfare and it wasn't as much of a benefit to me anymore. I had quite a few points and when I read the contract, it stated if I canceled the card I would lose the points. So I stopped using it, used the points to...