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    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    Because you are paying for it, perhaps?
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    Airline reservation that are cancel-able with no penalty

    Three weeks. Surprised they would not sell a non-refundable ticket at higher price/refundable.
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    Airline reservation that are cancel-able with no penalty

    That's what I found... <b>Non</b.refundable.
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    Airline reservation that are cancel-able with no penalty

    Not 100% true -- I was looking for a refundable first class ticket for SFO-MSP on Delta, and they are not available, even though non-refundable tickets are. (April 6, Saturday.)
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    eSky won't answer my emails

    Another generally useful option is to use an incognito window when visiting travel sites -- many sites will have tracked your previous activity (such as checking ticket prices a day before purchasing) and setting a higher price.
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    Priceline and Avianca "took" $1150 from me because of one typo error (or autofill) in an airline reservation

    I have a couple thoughts.... First, airlines ought to have a single text field for "Name to appear on the ticket" That solves the question of multiple or names or hyphenated names.... Though I am not sure how the artist formerly known as Prince might have put in his character. ;-) Second...
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    Refund or flight credit for nonrefundable British Airways Ticket

    You are safer in Europe than in an American school.
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    Refused credit on Southwest for inability to cancel flight

    I Might consider writing (politely) to Southwest, explaining what happened and asking if they can help. Airlines used to have a flat tire rule, under which this might apply.
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    Ticketmaster Issue

    I would also see if the tickets can be mailed via registered mail or the like -- that way there is a tracking number for the tickets.
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    Viking Cruise (my first post had many grammar errors)

    Should they? YES. As a consumer, I am told hundreds of times, I must buy travel insurance if I have to cancel. These businesses advertise a certain product, and if they can't provide that product -- let them have it insured so that a consumer who bought the product can cancel with a full refund.
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    Does United care about us as people or are we just a number? I shouldn't have to worry if I am going to be touched unwanted, cursed and pissed on!

    Seat 12D and 12 C on UA1611, based on seatguru, is a premium economy seat on a 737-700. So, compensation should be commensurate. That said, sexual assault should not be acceptable. I wouldn't be asking for financial compensation. I'd be asking for assistance in filing charges, including...
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    Ryanair Denied Boarding EU261 Claim

    Could I just compliment the research and writing deniseber did? Very well done.
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    Was refused to board on plane Because of delta/airfrance/klm poor communication to customers

    This isn't entry in the US -- it is transit through France. Nigerians are required to get transit visas:
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    Southern US Travel Ideas

    Generally, you should know things you like -- different interests yield different destinations. (A children's museum might not be of interest to a teenager, for example. Someone whp needs a cane or walker might not enjoy a hike. Etc.) That said, my friend and I took her six year old daughter...