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    Charged for car seats - after being assured I would be able to check them for free - American Airlines (Iberia codeshare)

    This is not unusual in Africa, alas. On a flight from Nairobi to Madagascar, I was told that I had to pay 150 US dollars cash to check a bag. This was for a 6AM flight, and there was no ATM in sight. I am certain the money just went into the pocket of the person checking bags.
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    UA cancellation due to plane off runway

    As a snapshot in time, yes. But businesses can purchase differently in the future (or have made different purchasing decisions in the past) Different training, etc.
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    UA cancellation due to plane off runway

    Speaking purely economically, that is not the case. The airlines made the business decision for smaller but more frequent flights. So they fly an Embraer 145 with 50 seats per flight three times a day instead of an Airbus 321 once. The decision traded off air traffic congestion for shorter...
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    It is worse than that. The inbound flight UA4969 came in to terminal A gate 24, the Keflavik flight was out of terminal C gate 94. While United has a shuttle, the airport web site reports it runs until 10PM, so with a later arrival the passengers would have had to exit the terminal and...
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    Emirates Airlines 11 hour late arrival

    While true, the Ukrainian airspace was not closed - and the aircraft was not Russian, but Malaysian. oops. Even to the best trained anti-aircraft gunners they all look like airplanes. (And keep in mind, in addition to Pakistani air space problems, there's been some recent naval activity...
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    Lounge issue

    A likely reason -- but if you don't let your long-haul/long-layover first class passengers into your first class lounge, is it a first class lounge?
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    TSA & JetBlue mistakes.

    I am, sure it depends on the airport (and TSA personnel present.) At the busier airports they may have more pressure to just push people through as quickly as possible, and gaps (due to either a closer inspection of a bag or a passenger) are mitigated by not slowing the other scan. It is a...
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    Lounge issue

    Sometimes it doesn't even apply for international flights -- I flew TAP from Lisbon to San Francisco via Boston in their fully refundable business class, with the domestic leg on Jet Blue. And that did not give access to the lounge despite it being an 8 hour layover.
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    TSA & JetBlue mistakes.

    Are you sure it was TSA searching the purse? If so, how? The TSA would likely argue you were present. If it was out of sight, then how do you know it was TSA that removed items, and not another passenger? I've personally experienced having another passenger attempt to steal from me on one...
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    TAP Portugal seems ok with me missing my connection...?

    A common misperception. The governing agreement here is the Schengen Agreement, to which the UK is not a party.
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    TAP Portugal seems ok with me missing my connection...?

    A general logistics question: If the inbound flight is late, I would assume they'r rebook the connection. Ie, if I book a 3 hour connection, and the plane is 4 hours late, they would rebook me. But if the inbound is 2 hours late, and the airport is congested such that one doesn't make the...
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    Walmart put our lives at risk.

    Wasn't that the defense at the Nuremberg Trials? Whether or not the suit is valid, once could make the case that the policy recklessly put lives in danger. Just because a corporation dictated the policy does not remove a cause of action.
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    Charles Schwab checking account landmine

    Those debit cards are quite the scam -- a way for banks (in this cade US Bank) to generate a significant amount of revenue from fees from a captive audience.
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    Tap Portugal mileage issue - false/misleading advertising?

    Based on this page (hosted by TAP) the flier will get 10% (400 miles) on an O class ticket, EWR-BCN.
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    Bad Day at the Airport

    I am bothered by some of the speculation -- the original poster did not provide a reason why her son was denied boarding. May 27 was a holiday Monday, and may have had more bookings than usual. Further, the airport ~80 miles from Susanville, CA is Reno. Reno does not have a lot of flights...