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    Yes, I am in Miami and this is a big issue on the Beach... the Herald has written about this issue a few times... good call! Heck, inspectors could show up and kick you out or id suggest you call the city...
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    It seems they do have a non prepaid car rental...oops...
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    Rentalcars is a prepaid rental... I have used them in the past with no issue...
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    Medical Cancellation Refund

    I recently got a CC from Chase that covers travel interruption and first insurance for car rentals...but intrest rates are high for even really good credit... so I try and pay it off right away... sapphire preferred..I havent had to use it for insurance yet...hopefully wont have to...
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    My aweful weekend at Westgate

    I have a relative that has many time shares... They use them though... not sure of the utility of them myself and the fees they have to pay are costly I imagine...
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    Carry-on size restrictions

    I fly mostly first class... never a question so far... not cause I am rich...but I refuse to be uncomfortable ona flight that lasts more than a couple hours... I am big dude... and those seats are rock hard in coach... so I havent been asked yet in First...
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    Scam Customers

    Transitions is a trademark, it cant be used legally by a party that does not sell them.
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    Target GC saved in Target App stolen and Target refused to reissue

    Not only that a Target card whether debit or CC gets you an immediate 5% discount at register...
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    Vacation Rental Diamond Head Tiki Estate

    Not for nothing...but I will be in Hilo in aug for 10 days... well, Pepeekeo!
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    Thanks everyone , why didn’t I book it all on Delta? Cause it was $400 extra. That’s why. EXTRA $700+ more. And part of what I was looking for was a response like Weihlac gave. An hour is not enough time for flight change time. Boy. I’d like to see a $100 intra island flight. It’s more like...
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    Ok, thanks for your opinion... but they changed the flight times... not me... so I dont get why I suffer...
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    I have a trip booked through Delta from MIA-HNL on AUG 23- SEPT 2 its a Delta One flight from ATL-HNL First class from MIA-ATL same for inbound. My final destination is ITO(HILO) Outbound is not an issue but return trip is. I booked Hawaiian Air for the HNL-ITO/ITO-HNL portion. now they(Delta)...
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    Uber disabled

    I have to say as an aside, that VoR61 is one of the best members here... should be an official advocate... from what I have seen!!!
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    Charged $230.00 for smoking charges! I don’t smoke!

    I have an issue with Luisa not coming into the room, and also providing no other evidence at all for her assertion. If it was a non smoking bar and people were only smoking outside and they were inside, then no smoke should have been on clothes. But if you are in a bar where there is smoke, oh...
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    Honda Service Center is Trying to Claim Damages for Loaner Vehicle

    I have similar damage to my Genesis... $350 right down the street is what the estimate was... perhaps thats a cheap estimate but a new bumber might cost that much...