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  1. Barry Graham

    Marriott mandatory destination fee

    Can you attach a copy with personal info removed?
  2. Barry Graham

    Airlines trying to collect carry on bag fees on the final leg of a connecting flight

    Are you talking about carry-on's being checked at the last minute for a fee, or are you literally talking about being charged to carry on a bag?
  3. Barry Graham

    Air Canada won't let my mom come home on round-trip ticket after family emergency

    I have always found Air Canada to be very accommodating. Do what @weihlac says using our contacts.
  4. Barry Graham

    Jr missing on Delta Airline ticket to Cancun

    I can't imagine this would be a problem either.
  5. Barry Graham

    Travel refund

    I wish your daughter well. Hard as it may seem, travel insurance is there for this very reason. Sometimes executives will listen and have sympathy. The whole reason airlines can offer cheap deals is because they are relying on the customer making the trip and not having the seat empty at the...
  6. Barry Graham

    Tap Portugal mileage issue - false/misleading advertising?

    While we have the contacts available to help you as @weihlac said, it may not be worth spending the time pursuing it especially since I think you knew there was a chance you wouldn't get the miles. Can you submit the trip for TAP mileage credit instead?
  7. Barry Graham

    Tap Portugal mileage issue - false/misleading advertising?

    I would guess that if you can view your purchasing history on TAP's website world probably find an online receipt that shows the booking class.
  8. Barry Graham

    Tap Portugal mileage issue - false/misleading advertising?

    Sometimes the class on the boarding pass does not match the actual class. I highly doubt that a $200 ticket from here to Spain would be Y class. That was a superb deal!
  9. Barry Graham

    Help for single travellers

    I think most people will say that airbnb (like Uber and Lyft) works out well in most cases. We only get to see where they went wrong. People rarely write to say when something goes right.
  10. Barry Graham


    The article headline was misleading. That is the real issue. That particular news source is very good at doing that.
  11. Barry Graham

    Help for single travellers

    Like Carrie says, we can't recommend or advise on booking for two and then canceling. That would be dishonest even if it works. Maybe if you call them, they have a way of matching up single travelers? Also TripAdvisor has a forum where someone asked a question about how to find travel...
  12. Barry Graham

    Bad Day at the Airport

    This would be such an obvious case to get a refund that I am wondering why he wasn't able to get a refund by calling customer service, unless he just failed to show up for the flight on the 30th without notifying the airline. If Helen isn't answering, write to Sean instead. Personally I would...
  13. Barry Graham


    As usual a newspaper article includes a misleading headline and then when you read it, you find out there is a lot more to the situation. I have driven for Uber in the past and as others have said, drivers have always been able to rate passengers just as passengers have always been able to...
  14. Barry Graham

    Wabash/Randolph Parking Garage Chicago

    It's unfortunate this happened but you have now learned the hard way not to make assumptions that parking prices are going to be reasonable even with validation. You need to check first.
  15. Barry Graham

    57 min connection in Detroit.....too short or okay?

    Just under one hour should be sufficient in Detroit. I've done it many times, Delta considers it a legal connection. No matter how long the gap, there could always be something to make you miss the connection. Connections are much easier than at Atlanta wish is a much bigger airport. Just make...