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  1. AMA

    Another Samsung Fridge Nightmare

    You can buy a perfectly nice refrigerator for a lot less than $1,400. Take the money and buy a Whirlpool.
  2. AMA

    BMW Product Decline and Lack of Interest by the corporate folks

    I am aware you can do that if you own the car. However, this is a lease and a lease may have very different terms.
  3. AMA

    BMW Product Decline and Lack of Interest by the corporate folks

    It's a lease, so possibly taking it to an independent mechanic might violate the terms somewhere. I'd be careful about that. I'm very suspicious of leases and don't see any advantage - you have to pay for everything and you don't even end up owning the car.
  4. AMA


    "Selling them at the airport"? How is he selling Amazon gift card codes? This is in violation of every rule Amazon has. You're lucky Amazon isn't freezing your accounts.
  5. AMA


    I don't understand. If you were planning to email Amazon gift card numbers, why didn't you just do the transaction through Amazon's website? This sounds like a scam to me.
  6. AMA

    Award Ticket Issued: Miles Redeemed and Credit Card Charges

    Did you not have enough miles in your account? If not, the extra $280 might be from purchasing additional miles?
  7. AMA

    Santander Bank technical support

    Can the bank see your balance? If your online access has been stopped, your account may have been hacked. Tell the bank to close the account immediately and give you a check, as Weihlac suggested.
  8. AMA

    Living Abroad for a Year

    The organization he is working for should be the one to ask about insurance.
  9. AMA

    Home Depo ruins my credit

    Was it an independent contractor that you hired personally, or was it one of Home Depot's subcontractors? That is, did you buy new flooring (or whatever) from Home Depot and pay them to install it? If you went and hired the contractor yourself, Home Depot isn't responsible here, and you will...
  10. AMA

    Samsclubs VS AMAZON

    Since you have apparently received your refund, your problem has been resolved without our assistance.
  11. AMA

    Thinking of booking a cuba cruise in February 2021

    If you really want to see Cuba, I would suggest an actual trip to Cuba, not a cruise which may or may not visit the island for 24 hours. My coworker just returned from Cuba and had an incredible time. She went on a "service" trip, which is primarily required for US visitors. I would separate...
  12. AMA

    Portland suites hotel

    If you are a smoker, then your room smells of cigarette smoke. It's embedded in your clothes, your skin, your breath, your wallet, your socks. If you put your coat on a chair, the chair is going to smell. You should confine your hotel stays to properties that specifically allow smoking, to...
  13. AMA

    Alamo Damage Scam

    Also, stop using the phone immediately. Email ONLY and save everything.
  14. AMA

    Additinal car insurance for multi country rental

    Read Chris's feature story about the hapless guy whose rental car rolled into the ocean and he had not bought extra insurance. Do not be that guy. :eek:
  15. AMA

    Credit Card Fraud Citibank (Costco)

    I'm so tired of all this hype about CHIP cards being "more secure." They are NOT. The reason they're secure in Europe and the rest of the world is that those countries require a PIN for each transaction. These ones in the US can be picked up and used by anyone. Stores don't even require a...