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When leaving Granada for Bilboa on 5/27/16 an angry rude agent told me my ticket was invalid & I would have to pay a "day of ticket" of $509.00 euros! When I told her this was not the story I heard from Iberia agents in Barcelona or Granada when I arrived, she waved me off in a dismissive manner. This is classic bait & switch & I want this airline to fulfill the judgement of the Small Claims Court in my favor.
My ticket on Iberia Airlines was pending because the airlines would not respond by email nor answer the customer service phone. I had to leave for Barcelona in a few days & checked @ the airport there about paying for this ticket. The agent said I would have to get the ticket the day of the flight. This was also the response when I arrived in Granada from Barcelona. When leaving for Granada for Bilboa on 5/27/16,
Hi Jean,

I recently rented a car from Enterprise, and ran into the same issue you did, in that my "full insurance" was invalidated due to me driving the car out of state. However, when I talked to them, they wouldn't waive my damage, and I was wondering if you could tell me about how you were able to have the fine waived.

.Hi, I am a US citizen, retired but living in India. I am a participant in the IBM-Fidelity benefits plan. Till recently I had an userid that could access their network but they have blocked the access now citing security reasons. I am disabled, currently in wheelchair, on dialysis for ESRD and deaf. . Is the email addresses posted on your web accurate....
My aim is to help when you've been treated unfairly by a company or explain why a company might be right.
I opened a dispute with the Hotel Verona in Guam multiple times through my AMEX account I have been blocked by Expedia on each occasion.
This is not going to be seen here. Please go into the appropriate forum and post your question. This is to tell us about you.
There are ever increasing fees for the web page, collecting rental monies and now a fee for the contract. Whose goose and the golden egg?
Thanx Linda it’s kind of a dead issue this is the most money stolen from me in a while