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Discussion in 'First visit? Read this' started by Christopher Elliott, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Christopher Elliott

    Christopher Elliott Administrator
    Staff Member Forum Director

    Aug 22, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I normally would post this to our staff forum. But I want everyone to see this, including our esteemed visitors. This is important.

    This morning, I received two "silent" flags from users. By "silent" I mean they contacted me privately, outside the Xenforo ecosystem, to complain about interactions with another user.

    The disputes were internal and for the purposes of this discussion, the details are unimportant. Let's just say they involved one staff member thinking another staff member had said something inappropriate. But they have broad external implications.

    We've reached a pivotal moment here in the forums. For the last month, we've fluctuated between 50 and 100 daily posts. We need every staff member and every user to be a full and active participant in order for us to be successful.

    If we allow these disagreements to distract us from our mission of helping people, we will fail.

    So, I would ask each of you to please remember the following:

    1) Remember the enemy. It's not us, it's bad customer service.

    2) Disagree with each other politely as you would in person. If someone crosses a line, please report the offending post and let one of our leads deal with it. (If you're complaining about a senior staffer, contact me directly.)

    3) If you can't handle the way things are done here, please don't give up. There are other ways you can help consumers. Ask me. My email address is elliottc@gmail.com

    And finally, please know that each and every answer you post is helping. There is no forum like this one in the world. You're part of something very special.
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