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Feb 14, 2017
I just returned from a trip through Portugal and Spain. In October I booked a flight from Lisbon to Palma on TAP directly through their website for February 4. It was two legs. Lisbon to Madrid on TAP and Madrid to Palma via Air Europa. I provided all the pertinent info to TAP via the website when booking.

Upon arrival in Madrid we were met by a TAP employee who told us that in January Air Europa changed the flight to Palma to an earlier time. It now departed before our flight was to land in Madrid. TAP apologized that we were not informed earlier to adjust our flights. We don't know why we were not informed when we checked in at Lisbon. We were very early and could have changed the flight to an earlier one to Madrid. The TAP agent looked puzzled but said we were good to go, bags are checked to Palma and you can get the next boarding pass in Madrid.

However, our hotel in Palma said it was too late to cancel and charge us the full rate, 325 euros. What would be the best way to receive compensation from TAP? They were apologetic in Madrid and did put us up in a low budget hotel for free but we lost one of our two nights in Palma in the one hotel we were splurging on as it was right on the water.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm so sorry to hear about this schedule change, Abbey. If you don't use a real travel agent, you need to supervise your airline reservations by checking on them every couple of weeks. The airline often makes an effort to communicate with passengers, but it doesn't always happen. Many changes can happen with two airlines in five months, we get countless posts like this. Travellers just don't know how vulnerable they are when acting as their own travel agent. The internet makes it seem so easy. We always caution travellers not to book prepaid hotels or rental cars, especially on the night of arrival.

Airlines rarely are interested in reimbursing your travel expenses, but you can write a short, polite email to TAP customer service and request compensation. If no reply after a week, use our Company Contacts to write to the executives, one at a time, waiting a week between each submission. Good luck, and please let us know the outcome.