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Jan 30, 2018
I had a bad experience staying at a Secrets Resort (December 2017, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic): this is not "5-Star Luxury" as advertised. The food was mediocre (sometimes cold), service at times was very poor, and the room's air conditioning was faulty so my clothes were damp. On one occasion, tne waiter tried to bully me into eating something after I returned my order because it was greasy. Another insisted my friend and I could not get served until we "high-five" him and called out "Randy on the House". Not the kind of experience you expect at a-5 star resort.

I complained on site and was promised follow up by the General Manager after speaking to his sympathetic Deputy. She said he was away but would inform him of all the details. She admitted they "have a long ways to go" training the staff. The General Manager responded to me only after I sent him a follow up email. His response apologizes several times but he is also defensive. For example, he wrote my clothes were simply "cold", not damp! No compensation offered.

Since his response, I took the matter up with the HQ Customer Service based at AMResorts 7 Campus Boulevard Newtown Square, PA 19073. She was appalled when I shared my experience but she said she did not know what she could do - she obviously has no authority to make a decision. She refused to give me the contact information of any executive at AMResorts. The Internet reveals various names but they keep their phone numbers and email addresses under wraps. So much for being interested in what the customer experiences. They want growth but are unwilling to open themselves to feedback.

This week-long vacation cost over $2000 and I cannot believe this conglomerate gets away with it - no accountability despite their website speaking about a "world-class" resort, "unlimited luxury", "gourmet dining". I was fooled.

Any suggestions or ideas how I can reach someone in authority at AMResorts would be most appreciated.

Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
They must have submitted a help request instead of research request. I recommend filling out a research request using link provided above.