Resolved: Viking called me saying I owed them $500 for Avis repair

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May 14, 2018
Just like other poster, I rented a car from Avis in Orlando airport Apr 2nd and returned Apr 10th. Got the call from Viking a month later about a repair bill. I requested all the info when I was on the phone and the lady said she will email me everything she had. After reading some post from this forum, I went over all the info she sent me. I noticed the odometer was off 4 miles since I returned. I googled the inspection location and it's about 2 miles away. So, I copied and paste a template from this forum, changed a little bit here there and emailed her back,


I deny I caused your client any damage. Your client has not proven the damage, either in causation or amount, to a preponderance of the evidence. When we returned the car Apr 10th and the car was checked in by John (See attached rental agreement) He signed off ok under his inspection. From this vague photo, this damage would be very obvious for his inspection. The odometer when I checked in the car back to Avis on Apr 10th was 6486 and the odometer during damage appraisal is 6490 Apr 18th. The inspection took place at 8600 Hangar Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827 which is 2 miles away from avis car rental in Orlando airport. There are about 2 miles in almost 8 days which is not under my possession. Your client has to be able to proof this unclear damage is under my possession.

This is an empty demand without proof and I insist you follow the rules to obtain and provide proof of loss and every element of damage claimed. Thus I deny your claim and deny that I owe your client anything. I revoke any and all authority for Avis to charge my credit card.

I invoke all rights under the Fair Credit Billing and Collection Act and all communications with myself must be conducted in writing.


I also emailed the avis list provided by this forum, I got this reply,

Dear Mrs. XX,

Thank you for contacting the customer service manager for Avis Budget Car Rental Group. Please accept my apologies for the time it has taken us to respond.

I will be forwarding your inquiry to the management team for our vehicle damage claims department to research this further. Someone will be following up with you within the next 10 business days.

Your continued patience is appreciated.

Gregory Stevenson | Executive Response Coordinator
Avis Budget Group, Inc.
Phone: 973.496.3431
Fax: 918.621.4816
After a week of so, I got the letter saying the case has been resolved. Thank you for internet. If not this forum, I would be freaking out. Next time, I will video tape the whole car top to bottom. No chances will be taken.