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Princess Cruise Cancelation

Chris: We didn’t know how long we should wait to contact you about our problem and hope that you might be able to help us collect some of our expense.

In April of 2016 we contacted Mary Reza with Princess Cruise Lines telling her that we would like to sign up for a cruise to the Western Caribbean visiting Honduras, Belize and Cozumel.

She found the cruise we desired so we selected the date of January 2017. We gave her my credit card number and she got our cruise, airlines, pre-cruise hotel, travel insurance, etc.

In November we got an e-mail from Princess telling us that we could go onto their sight and choose our side trips. When we opened the sight, it had us going to Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize and Cozumel.

We thought that they had sent us the wrong information so we called the Princess 800 number. I don’t recall the name of the lady to whom I spoke, Mary was not in, and after telling her that we were to visit Honduras, Belize and Cozumel, she told us that she would check on it to see if the port had been changed.

After holding the line for more than 30 minutes, there was some static sound and we were cut off. I looked at my partner and he asked what happened. I told him I think we got cut off but they should call back since they have our number. We are still awaiting that call.

Then the first part of December we got a brochure from Princess advertising the cruise we wanted. I called Mary and asked her if we could cancel our cruise and sign up for this one that we want to take? She told us that they didn’t have the time to cancel our hotel, airlines and cruise and make new reservations for this December cruise. We told her that we only had about six weeks to wait for our cruise anyway.

We got packed and ready for our cruise and on Wednesday, January 18, 2017, we got a call from my niece that my sister had passed away and her funeral was scheduled for Friday. We loaded our luggage and headed for Kentucky to attend the services. We called Princess to cancel our cruise.

When we got home we called Mary and I asked her: Since Princess has all of our money for the cruise, instead of filing a claim, can we just apply that money toward another cruise? We were told no, we have to file a claim.

I then called the Princess 800 number to get information about filing a claim and the guy to whom I spoke, Lee, told us that it looked like it was going to cost us about $750 for cancelling the trip.

That was when we found out that one should never, and I repeat never, purchase a travel insurance through your cruise line. Reading through their papers, we found out that we had signed an agreement to forfeit 10% of your “nonrefundable” expense. One should purchase a travel insurance that states that one will get a full refund for cancellation.

Anyway, we had paid Princess $3,529.60 for our cruise. We just received an e-mail from the insurance that they are sending us a check for $2,484.84. That is a difference of $1,044.76 and we think that is way too much to be charged for missing our cruise and attending my sister’s funeral.

I thought that Platinum Members of Princess got a full refund and I sure didn’t.

If you might like to see some attachments of our cruise reservation, or e-mails between us and Mary Reza, I can send them to you. I also have copies, including the death certificate of my sister, for filing the claim if you would like to see any of them.

We sure hope that you can help us recover some of our money from this.

We have saved the e-mails between Princess and us but we can't show the phone calls because they were made to 800 numbers to Princess and the insurance company.


Joe Shepherd & Michael Barker


Staff member
Based on the claim you filed out, what was the itemization that resulted in the refund the travel insurance approved. The Travel Insurance company must have itemize?


Staff member
How much was the insurance? You subtract the amount of the insurance from the total you paid for the cruise. Did they give you a credit for another cruise?

Also, check the credit card you used to make the payments in the cruise. Princess should have already credited you back for the taxes in the cruise so you might already have that, which is why the refund may look like its less than it should be. Make sure you don't already have a credit on your statement for the taxes.

Did they realize you are Platinum?!

I am also baffled why this isn't getting you a full refund.

Platinum members get a free upgrade to Princess Platinum coverage

Princess Vacation Protection / Princess Platinum Vacation Protection

New member bene t! Princess platinum vacation protection*
For Platinum Captain’s Circle Members. If you purchase Princess Vacation Protection at that standard rate, Princess will purchase an upgrade to Princess Platinum Vacation Protection automatically on your behalf. This provides full protection of 100% of your non-refundable cancellation fees in the event of an emergency, either in the form of a refund if your cancellation is due to a speci ed reason, or in the form of a credit for your next Princess Cruise. Platinum Vacation Protection also contains increased limits under the medical expense, emergency evacuation and baggage/ personal e ects sections of Princess Travel Insurance.

Based on the claim you filed out, what was the itemization that resulted in the refund the travel insurance approved. The Travel Insurance company must have itemize?
The only thing that the Aon Travel Insurance (through Princess) wanted was for us to fill out some claim forms to include a copy of my sister's death certificate.

You mentioned checking the credit card that was used for the cruise for credits. I did get credits for the cancelation of the airlines and side tours we had signed up to enjoy. Those are the only two things that I have gotten credit for so far.

We also had a pre-cruise hotel and I have not seen where credit was issued for it.

Does Princess know that I am a Platinum Member: I'm sure they do, I have taken about 15 cruises with them.


Staff member
Those forms are necessary to make sure you have a legitimate claim. If they aren't covering everything less the price of the insurance, I would remind Aon that you are a platinum cruiser and the Platinum coverage was supposed to be added for free, giving you a 100% refund.

Send them a link to the information on Princesses website, although they probably don't really need it. Don't assume they know you are platinum, tell them. It sounds like they are only refunding according the the lower policy.
Don't include your first 7 parapgraphs. That background leads the reader to assume your refund/insurance claim is based on accidentally booking the wrong trip. Unless that that info is both advantageous and truthful, I would just send the death cert, which is easy to get. I am sorry for your loss.