JR on passport but not on ticket

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Jan 26, 2018
So, I made a colossal mistake and used Justfly.com to book tickets to Rome. (I know it was a mistake. Lesson already learned.) After I booked the tickets, I received my son's passport and realized that he has a JR after his last name, as he is a junior, but his ticket had been issued in his full name without the suffix. I called up JustFly.com and asked if they would add the JR to his last name. I mentioned to them that there had been no place on their website to put his suffix when ordering the tickets, to which they said, "too bad, your fault." Justfly.com came back and said that they could not make any corrections to the ticket per United's policy. They said the only thing they could do was: 1. Cancel my son's ticket. 2. Have me pay full price for a new ticket. 3. Ask United for a full refund and "hope" they give me my money back. This seemed crazy to me so I declined. I got off the phone with them and called United. United said they couldn't correct the ticket but they would be able to note the name concern in their database. When I look at my United flight, I can see after my son's name that there is now a little message that says his full name might not be on his boarding pass. So my question is, do I leave this alone now? Or am I going to show up at the airport in July and have a major issue because the JR is not on his ticket?
The only thing you may have to watch for is that the airline could cancel the father's ticket or the son's ticket if they're both flying and both names are identical. The airline might think it's a double booking unless they look at the age info, passport info, etc. entered in their system.