HP Probook Laptop

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Mar 23, 2015
The OP seems to be describing a BIOS password or fingerprint scan that an HP "wizard," which may have popped up unsolicited, offered to set up. OP may have gotten partway through the process and then decided to abandon the configuration. This may have left the BIOS security in an unstable state.
The machine is effectively "bricked" - unable to get past the HP BIOS security. If it can't complete the BIOS check it cannot move on to start Windows and will never get to the Windows log in screen. Booting a new Windows 10 install from USB is similarly prevented.
HP says this, "A forgotten BIOS password cannot be reset by HP. HP is committed to the security and privacy of our customers. To resolve a forgotten BIOS password issue, a system board replacement is required, and additional customer costs apply. For more information, go to HP Worldwide Limited Warranty and Technical Support."
Yep. As soon as I read "BIOS" I knew the OP was hosed. Let this be an object lesson when on a computer. Don't initiate a process you don't understand, and if you do and change your mind, click CANCEL--don't just close the lid, or shut down the computer because the process could continue...without you!