Hey, where's my account?

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Christopher Elliott

Staff Member
Aug 22, 2007
If can't log into your account on the help forum, please read this. We lost a significant amount of data earlier this week, including some new user accounts.

If you can't find your account or log in. Please re-register. When we are able to restore the data, it will not overwrite your new account. We'll make sure of it. After that, feel free to resume posting.

If you're looking for your old posts. So are we! We are doing everything we can to restore our forums with the most recent version. If you're a forensic data expert, please contact us. We'd love to get a little help.

If you're disappointed. You're in good company. The longer we investigate, the more this looks like a deliberate act of sabotage. We're doing everything we can to prevent this from happening again.

My apologies for the missing data. We are going to do our best to bring it back quickly.
Not open for further replies.