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Enterprise damage claim after a day of return and unauthorized CC charge.


I got into a minor accident and was directed to a body shop by my insurance carrier, Geico. The premises had an Enterprise rental facility. Geico covered the rental while my car was in the body shop. I rented a car from Enterprise on 17th March 2017 after dropping my own car off at the body shop. An inspection was done before I got into the car. I don't remember noting any damages.

I dropped off the rental car on 23rd March 2017. Since, I was there to pick up my car as well, I couldn't tell if the person interacting with me represented the Enterprise as well as the body shop. He asked me if I was renting a car, asked for the keys and waved me off. I was expecting an inspection but he just asked me if I parked the car in the lot and left at that.

I received a call from Enterprise the next day telling me there were damages to the car and that it looked like an attempted break in. I am certain those damages did not happen in my possession as I park the car in a private closed garage overnight and did not park outside during the day in places where an attempt at break in would go unnoticed.

I tried to visit them the next day but they were closed by the time I got there and the car was missing from the parking lot, which is an open space in a shady area(which makes me think it's more likely it got damaged being parked overnight at their premises than in my possession). I spoke to my insurance agent and they are saying they will work only to check if they need to cover the damages and not to determine if the damages are my responsibility. They say that if I cannot prove I didn't damage the car, the claim stands and I have to pay. My question is why can they make a claim without proving I caused the damage or proving the damage was not caused by them. That, no one has answered satisfactorily.

I feel like it was a lapse on the part of enterprise to not conduct the drop-off inspection ( I wasn't even given a final copy of the agreement). Moreover, the car was last in their possession and I cannot be held responsible just because I was the "last person to rent it".

Meanwhile, I got a voicemail from them asking if they could charge me my deductible. Before I had a chance to respond back, they had charged the card they had on file with $481.94 (my deductible is $500). I have been asking them for the DRU report and the rental agreement, neither of which they have provided. The one photo of the damage they provided did not have a timestamp. I do not even have a copy of the claim they have against me.

I feel like, they are trying desperately to pin this damage on me knowing it has been a lax of responsibility on their end. For my own car, I wasn't charged until all the repairs were done and I had a chance to look at it. It feels very suspicious of them to charge me without any proof of responsibility on my part, any estimate of the damages, leave alone a summary of the fixes!

I have read through your advice on asking for documents and escalation. I will follow it as well as I can.

I am grateful for all the resources you've provided so far and any future advice on the matter.



Staff member
I think this is an outrageous demand of Enterprise. You most certainly would have noticed if the car had been broken into when you drove it. I also suspect that this happened on the premises after you left it.

Follow that thread and also ask the body shop if they have surveillance cameras on the premises. I'd think one or the other would have them and I'd want that tape reviewed.

Let is know the outcome of your letter writing campaign.

File a dispute with your cc company too. If they can't provide you with proof, you shouldn't be charged.
Thank you, Neil! My contact to the local staff at Enterprise has resulted in nothing concrete. I'll try my luck with the customer service. The surveillance footage didn't occur to me, thank you for pointing that out! :)
As part of your communication with Enterprise and the body shop, have you asked if they filed a police report for the attempted break in? I'm wondering if you should file a report yourself regardless of their answer, just so you have the damage officially documented, and so that the police could note your claim that you were informed of the break-in after the car was left in the possession of the body shop. Hopefully you could then use this report as leverage for the shop to provide proof of the damage and any video evidence. Something sounds shady here, which is more reason to have an official police report.
I was under the impression this was only a civil courts case at best. The break in attempt does warrant filing a report. Especially if I am being made responsible for it. Thank you! I really need some impartial authority involved. Enterprise made a DRU report without my involvement and the representative let it slip that they have reported I returned the vehicle as an after-hours drop off at night. I had returned it at 12:30 pm during the day while the office was teeming of people! I've asked for the representative to correct it but no copy of the report has been provided yet.


Staff member
@User1234 Did you return the vehicle to their location or to your body shop? When you don't return a rental to a rental company's location during business hours (that includes a "come get it" arrangement with a body shop). You are responsible for the vehicle until the rental company regains control and it is considered to be an after-hours drop off..

So in your situation, if the vehicle was damaged after you picked up your car but before Enterprise picked it up, you're still responsible for any damage. Isn't it nice how that works!
I got the same argument over the phone just minutes ago from the Enterprise representative. Saying they do not have representatives from Enterprise at the body shop location. That brings in 2 questions:
1. How was the Enterprise representative there when I was picking up the car? And who was sitting at the "Enterprise desk" assisting other customers when I was droppng off the car

2. The agreement says : If Renter is responsible for damages as outlined above, and if Renter returns Vehicle during non-business hours or to any place other than the Branch Address on the Rental Agreement Summary, damages as outlined above occurring prior to an employee of Owner checking in and inspecting Vehicle is Renter's responsibility.

Now, I dropped off the car at the location mentioned on the rental agreement and during business hours, so that clause doesn't apply.


Staff member
@User1234 If you don't fight it, you have 0 chance they'll give up on it. If you fight it, you have a chance. Your best argument is that your rental agreement told you to return it to the body shop. You did during business hours and it isn't your problem that they chose not to staff it. After all, there's a Enterprise desk in the body shop, they gave you the car and that's where your contract told you to return it.

Edit: Oh and I'd let your insurance company know whats going on too... They may be able to apply pressure to the body shop and Enterprise. Especially if you are covered for this under it!


Staff member
Definitely don't give up. As you mentioned, you dropped off the car during regular business hours and they chose not to pick it up until much later (or even the next day?). They have to take some reasonable responsibility for ensuring their vehicles are in a safe place once the renter has surrendered the keys to an Enterprise rep, be it an actual employee or a contracted relationship with the body shop.
Thank you, johnbaker and Patina! :) I called up the DRU to correct the drop off time. They are working on determining if the damage was pre-existing.

@johnbaker : As for the insurance, I was discouraged the last time I spoke because they said
1. Unless I can prove it it's not my fault, they won't dispute the claim
2. If I still choose to dispute it, Geico won't back me up and I would have to deal with Enterprise and pay for all the damages if I lose.

I will call and update Geico about the situation but can someone confirm that if a claim is disputed, I am on my own? That there is no authority that will take a second look at it?


Staff member
If they do not drop this, I would drive to the body shop and call the police from there to make the report. I'd also look for surveillance cameras and if you see them, tell them you want the footage viewed.

Did you by any chance note the car mileage when you dropped it? I'd ask for the mileage when they found the damage if you did - that can prove if someone else drove the car after you dropped it. We have a thread on this form about protecting yourself when you rent a car - taking pictures before picking up and at drop off could have avoided this.
Good news! I was calling my credit card company to dispute the charge when I was told that Enterprise has returned my money! :) After they sent me an email claiming damages in writing, I followed the advice on this column and asked for every evidence that is needed to prove it is indeed my fault. I haven't heard back from them but my money is returned and I hope they have dropped the claim as well :).

Thank you all for the guidance and support! I wouldn't have fought this without all the help. :)


Staff member
We are hearing from quite a few writers that are having claims dropped like this, or having success using our contact list.

Glad that we were able to help.