Enterprise Claim Question

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Feb 12, 2021
Hi everyone! I'm currently in the process of disputing a claim with enterprise where they stated I scratched the side of the front passenger car door. Even though I had the car for a few days, I'm disputing it because I know those scratches were there before I drove out of the SFO airport parking structure because my friend pointed them out a few minutes later. I stupidly didn't think too much about it and didn't take any pictures. I did review the helpful post: How To Deal With A Car Rental Damage Claim.

I'm currently waiting to know how their investigation concludes and I feel I don't have too much to work with besides the following - do you think any of this has value when fighting a claim that may not end in my favor?:

1. When I called Enterprise to dispute them charging me an extra day (dropped it off on a Saturday and they tried to charge me for Sunday due to after hours and received a refund), I informed the rep about the situation I'm going through and he mentioned they would've done a "walk through" with me where they circle the entire car to indicate any damages. This never happened. The only proof I feel I have this never happened is that my friend was with me (biased source?) and the cameras in the Enterprise parking lot will prove this did not happen. My friend was also a second driver and the rep didn't even take his driver's license - they got us out of there pretty quick.

2. I received my receipt which seems inaccurate because I traveled from the Bay Area in CA to SoCal, this is a ~480 mile drive (not including the amount we drove around in the Bay Area). On the receipt, it shows I only drove 254 miles. Is it possible to point this out as a fault in their process and thus it's plausible for them to have not checked the car thoroughly before giving it to me?

It sounds like after they do the investigation they'll reach out to me and I may have a chance to further plead my case. I'm worried they'll just slap a charge on my credit card and call it a day. If this does not end in my favor, I definitely plan to push for documentation and proof from them that I caused this. When I spoke with the Enterprise guy at the SFO location to dispute the charge, he mentioned they probably did not take any pictures of the car before I took ownership of it, which concerns me but may work in my favor?

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, and any thoughts on the above is much appreciated!


Jan 6, 2015
the United States
It is certainly ideal for you to have tangible evidence. However, you should contest the charges based upon your accounting of the rental.

Assuming they ask for damages, you can escalate this using the contacts provided in this link: Enterprise
be sure to start at the lowest level and that you give each contact one (1) week to respond before escalating to the next level

When you write, politely state only what they "need to know" in order to understand your
experience and process your request. They should be able to read your email in 3-5 minutes.

This is an example for you to consider:

"I am writing to you today because my efforts to resolve an issue with the SFO location have been unsuccessful. Here are the details:
  • On Month Day, 2021 I rented a __________ from the Enterprise SFO location
  • My friend was a second driver but they did not take his driver's license, nor did we receive a "walk through"
  • We were processed rather quickly, but my friend pointed out scratches on the side of the front passenger car door
  • Enterprise is now claiming that I/we caused this damage
  • On my receipt, it shows I only drove 254 miles but we actually drove over 500 miles to ______
I suspect that these damages may not be for the vehicle I rented and, alternatively, were pre-existing. I would very much appreciate a closing of this claim in my favor.

Thank you for your time and consideration"
I do not see that you need additional information, which may cloud the issue.

Additionally, please take the time to update this thread as you progress toward a resolution. Your feedback is important.
Feb 12, 2021
Thank you @VoR61 that's very helpful. I'll make sure to reference this if it gets to that point.

In regards to the process, if they deny me and the claim is not in my favor, I assume they allow me to respond? Will they automatically try to bill the card I have on file? I decided to lock that card (unsure if that will do anything) because I don't want to be in a situation where they deny my claim, charge me, and then my chances of success are even less. Though, that may not matter as much.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this!

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If you use our post and start writing to the executives one at a time as we advise you have good odds of having the claim dropped. Almost every case that followed our thread on how to fight this has had the case dropped.
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Feb 12, 2021
I have an update on this. First off, thank you @VoR61 and @Neil Maley for your input. Thankfully in my case, it did not have to go to that point. I received a confirmation actually on 02/12 that they closed the claim and they called me. However, last night, I received a new notice that I had to pay $700 for damages. I was obviously confused because I had already received notice they were closing the claim so I called and thankfully someone didn't finish closing out my claim and the end result is that I don't have to pay anything. I think I am one of the fortunate ones to not have to go above-and-beyond to get this resolved, but I'm glad it's over. I'm also thankful there was this resource available for me in the event it got ugly.

Thanks again!


Verified Member
Jan 20, 2015
NAPLES FL or Denver CO
For every falsely billed person for these kinds of claims who find us here on Elliott there are most likely 10 more who end up paying these bills because they don’t have the wherewithal and tools to fight the claim.
Sad but is an indicator of why these false charges keep happening.