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Apr 23, 2018
The plot thickens. I received a reply yesterday, signed "Iberia Customer Services." Here it is in full (I have made three redactions).
Dear Mr X,
Thank you for your notification regarding flight IBnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
I have accessed to your booking and checked that it is not refundable. However, I have also checked that you have for this ticket an insurance with the number IBAUSnnnnnnnnnnn of Allianz.
If you hired it at the moment of the purchase it has a cancellation insurance so you have to contact Allianz for the refund. If you hired it after the purchase the insurance is only for the assistance.
Kind regards,
Iberia Customer Services

(I did "hire" the policy at the moment of purchase.)

As I described in my May 12 post, when requesting the refund on Iberia's website, I had to use the “Cancellation” option, which didn't provide for any comments or explanations of my unique incorrect name problem, which included a description of their confusing customer data input form on their booking site. Although they couldn't read my detailed complaint, I assume they had access to whatever notes the telephone agents made in my record during the several conversations in which I tried to get the correction made. So I'm a little miffed that they didn't address my situation but simply reiterated their policy and punted to the insurance company. But to be fair, my mea culpa that I understood I was buying a 'no refunds" ticket and that I was asking for a waiver of that policy due to specific extenuating circumstances was not in their record,

Because my refund request is now in their file, I can now use the "Claims" page of their Complaints system, and that will allow me to attach my letter of pleading, with all the details and my reasoning. But I suppose, to protect my future options with Iberia, I should first follow their suggestion and contact Allianz, even though I think I know what their answer will be. I have already spoken with them twice, and there may be some hope. I memorialized my oral conversation in notes immediately after my two calls. I am posting them in full because they provide some details about Allianz that readers might not know about.
April 19 – Called Allianz Travel Insurance to determine what will be required to correct the name on the insurance policy. Spoke with George at approx. 9:30 am PDT. Was instructed to call back once the ticket name is corrected. They will be able to correct the policy name either at the original help desk or by referring it to a special department within Allianz.
Also inquired if the trip cancellation portion ($678.18) will apply if I have to cancel my flight and re-book it. He said that event was not covered, but to file a claim anyway to see what happens.
May 07 – Called Allianz to follow up on whether my policy can be transferred to a new flight or whether my premium can be refunded. He advised:

  1. If Iberia doesn’t refund the ticket, file a claim addressed to the special review personnel, explaining my unique situation and asking for consideration. Include all correspondences with Iberia.
  2. Allianz has a “770 day” rule, that will either:
    1. Allow me to re-instate the policy for another flight of any itinerary and carrier within 770 days
    2. Allow me to apply the premium against a different Allianz policy I might purchase
  3. To do either, I must Inform Allianz before my Iberia trip by emailing, providing details
Although my policy does carry "Trip Cancellation Protection" in the amount of my ticket price, I am not sure if this will cover ticket (as opposed to trip) cancellation. By my reading of the Certificate of Coverage, I don't think I'm covered. The only reason I say there may be some hope is because the first Allianz agent told me to file a claim anyway.

Can any advocates weigh in on what route I should take, and the pros and cons between them? Also, if I do pursue Allianz first, and my claim is initially rejected, how far up their management tree should I go before re-focusing on Iberia?

Thanks for your continued help!