As we move to more general advocacy cases ...

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Dec 12, 2014
I would avoid any cases regarding personal computing devices (laptops, tablets, etc) for several reasons including:
1) Viruses & malware can cause numerous issues and I am not sure your team would be able to properly determine if the user had up to date protection
2) Numerous software applications can cause conflicts that may repeatedly cause the device to crash. (I know this for a fact as I have two applications installed on my laptop that when both are running cause my wireless router to crash due to IP conflicts - I will not complain to anyone, just not run both apps at the same time). Again, not sure your team will have the skills or time to rule this out as the cause of the issue.
3) Operating systems are not always 100% backward compatible with hardware & may cause issues such as an inability to boot up. While this is not typically a culprit, it is a possibility.

I would also be hesitant to take international cases, in general, as consumer rights may vary significantly and what would make a valid claim in the US may not amount to a hill of beans in a 3rd world nation.
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Dec 13, 2014
I'm going to second rbrunson here and suggest you do not tackle computer issues. My ex-husband was in IT and some of the things people and companies did to their desktops and servers was mind boggling. Then it was always an issue with the hardware/software but certainly not their own user error when 98% of the time it was something the users did.