Accident with Budget Rental and Claim with my Credit Card

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May 30, 2018
In October 2017, I was in a parking lot and the car scratched against a concrete stump as I drove out. The stump was not clearly visible as I sat in the driver's seat. The two doors on the left side of the door were scratched pretty badly down to the metal.

I did not purchase rental insurance. I returned the car and filled out an accident report, and I still have not received anything about these damages to this day. I do not have personal car insurance, as I do not own a car.

I filed a claim with my credit card company, and they need all documents including the invoice of repairs within 365 days. We are still about 4 months away.

I am wondering what I should do. Should I contact Budget, since my bank needs all documents within 365 years? or just still wait a bit? Thank you all for your help!
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Mar 17, 2015
I would take it a step further, send a copy of the e-mail letter via certified mail. It is much easier to prove the letter was received by CM than by e-mail.
Oct 16, 2015
We are going through the same thing. I still have an open claim with Allianz and they understand we have been unable to get anything from the rental company (since December!). Phone calls and emails to no avail. They give us a name of someone to call, that person will say they have nothing in the system. One would wish that were true but only in a fantasy world. I KNOW there is something and do not want what is obviously going to be an unpleasant surprise. It's making me crazy. We have reached out to everyone. At this point my husband says he is done, he is going to just wait. So that is what we are doing.