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  1. S

    Terrible Experiences long term

    I’ve been having problems will my mobile device speed and reliability since I changed to AT&T in 2008. I’ve also been having problems with my U-verse service since installed in 2011. Have had equipment replaced multiple timed. Had my IT friend over who fixed everything and this is what he found...
  2. Lami J. Glenn

    ..Not-so-Merry Christmas! Thanks Target

    On December 23, 2017, I was told that my gift card had a zero balance, when the only time I had used my gift card previously, a purchase of only $2.16 for clear band-aids were made. I called the Target helpline six times to report my zero balance on my card as being fraud and that $97.84 should...
  3. H

    American Basic Economy Change

    Hello, My sister recently booked a flight on American in basic economy. She understood when booking that there were restrictions on luggage and that no refunds or changes were possible. However, we did need to change her flight by a day so she just went ahead and bought a new flight, due to the...
  4. sarapv

    Undeliverable Customer Service Emails

    I inadvertently charged an amazon order to the incorrect card and want to charge it to the correct card. First, I reached out via email to the seller and was told they can't refund and recharge a new card. Then, I contacted Amazon and explained my mistake. They told me they could do it via an...
  5. A

    Target declines to investigate and re-imburse GC balance for online theft

    I received the Target GC with the amount of $450.00 as refund from local store in VA in Feb 2017. In March 31, 2017, I found out that the balance was gone and only $5 left in the card. Upon reaching out to Target GC customer support, I was told that the transaction was made in Store 2605 - San...
  6. A

    Norwegian Nightmare

    I am writing this email in regards to booking for 13 aug 2017 New York-John F Kennedy - Barcelona. This reservation was split into two reference numbers yesterday because I am not using two of the tickets. I chose Norwegian due to the great reviews, but I have been nothing but disappointed...
  7. Christopher Lee

    Cannot get a Hertz Refund

    Back at the end of March, I made a reservation for a one week+ rental with Hertz through the AAA website. Knowing that this was a trip I will take definitely, I opted for the pre-pay option which was the best deal and that there were numeroud perks in addition for AAA members since Hertz was...
  8. JamesSGN

    Change fee refund for schedule change on Cambodian Angkor Air?

    Hi all: Wondering what your take is on this and whether I should pursue a refund for a change fee or not... Background: 1) Booked r/t tickets 2) Paid ~ USD 35 to change the date 3) Two days later, received a notification that in-bound / out-bound flights were cancelled and moved to one day...
  9. AAGK

    Is this just business as usual?

    Or getting worse?
  10. A

    Help with pending AA refund

    I was hoping to get some advice on my next steps for a pending AA Refund: Here is the back-story - My originally scheduled flight was changed by 1 Hour and 50 Minutes. Per the AA Website, any schedule change of 61 minutes or greater qualifies for a refund to the original form of payment. I...
  11. K

    Expedia Refund I Help

    I booked a flight for my daughter through Expedia on Boliviana de Aviacion (BOA) Airlines from Miami to La Paz. May 5th I received notification from Expedia that the return flight schedule had changed (14 hours later) and this would have caused my daughter to miss a return connection in Miami...
  12. AAGK

    Question about OTAs

    I read somewhere recently that airlines are not truthful when they decline assistance to an OTA-booked traveler. I understand that an agent would not want to deal with a passenger who booked through an OTA, but is it possible? Is there some sort of lock on the screen that prevents access to the...
  13. AAGK

    Paying to charge an iPhone-

    my phone just died on an appointment so I ran into a restaurant ordered a soda and asked to use the phone charger. They point me towards the bathroom where this some machine you have to pay $2.00 to charge your phone. What a horrible place. Meanwhile of course in ten min I go back and it is on...
  14. 1970

    AA refuses full reimbursement for lost luggage and ruined holiday!

    We appreciate any help you can give us! Our Holiday was ruined and 3 months of emails and phone calls have gotten us close to success but I think they are trying to play dirty. The gist of it is we flew from DC to JFK, they lost our luggage at JFK (even said it was in the airport but they just...
  15. N

    Purchased a lemon Range Rover and Jaguar Land Rover is not being fair

    November 2015 I become the proud owner of a 2016 Range Rover Evoque that Jaguar Land Rover has agreed to repurchase under the WA state Lemon Law, however, they are not willing to compensate me for hours lost at work, time spent travelling between dealers and are refusing to refund my first...
  16. mmb

    Customer Service REALLY is dead...

    I know there has been discussion on this forum about CS or lack of it. I know we have all agreed it is not any thing like what was in yesteryear. We owned a small business for 20+ years wherein everyone needed a computer and the majority of them (architects) needed a fast computer. I bought...
  17. K

    Bedbugs confirmed in my room but Marriott only said "sorry"

    I stayed for four nights in the Marriott Wardman Park. The itching started after night one, when two quarter-sized welts appeared on my left shoulder blade. I thought, Hm, weird, but tried to ignore them. Two nights later, an identical welt on my left hip. Again, hm, but my mind didn't go to...
  18. F

    British Airways

    I have an issue that has been unresolved for almost two years now but it involves a companion voucher so I do not want to give up on it. I have looked at your website contacts and will attempt them. I sent over 10 letters to BA Customer Relations after being told on the phone MULTIPLE TIMES...
  19. AAGK

    Hawaiian Airlines is out of control

    I don't even know where to begin. There are like 4 issues here and only 1 is my fault. The rest is just HA violating our Agreement. They are rigid and 3/4 agents I spoke with were downright rude, the last one was completely hostile. If anyone has a personal contact at HA who wouldn't mind if I...
  20. AAGK

    Does Amex not advance points anymore?

    The last time I used them for travel they still advanced @ 60k in points. The agent I spoke with had never heard of this (um, ok) but said they don't do it. I think he may be correct. Does anyone know offhand?