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  1. technomage1

    Unreasonable response from Lowe's so-called customer service team

    One alternative to keep in mind is putting the filters up for sale on ebay or a similar site. You may be able to recoup some of the cost of the filters that way vs. losing everything if Lowe's digs its heels in.
  2. technomage1

    "Vessel Sanitation Ratings"

    Good to know. Illness can spread through a confined space like that like wildfire,
  3. technomage1

    SecretsResorts, part of AMResorts - Keep their Contact Information Secret!

    @Dwayne Coward, can you assist?
  4. technomage1

    SecretsResorts, part of AMResorts - Keep their Contact Information Secret!

    You can put in a request for us to research this at:
  5. technomage1

    Facebook reactivated the dormant account i shared with my abuser with out my consent.

    Facebook may be doing something or you may have been hacked. Like I noted, change all passwords and set two factor authentication.
  6. technomage1

    Facebook reactivated the dormant account i shared with my abuser with out my consent.

    Give it a week. I’d they don’t respond then go to the next executive.
  7. technomage1

    Facebook reactivated the dormant account i shared with my abuser with out my consent. The above link has our company contacts for facebook. Start with the primary contract, and send them a short, polite email explaining the situation and asking that the account be permanently disabled. Wait a week and escalte if necessary. Do...
  8. technomage1

    Life Insurance claim, deceased parent

    There was a server upgrade that ran into issues and unfortunately we lost posts since Monday.
  9. technomage1

    Is a Visa required to visit Beijing

    When I visted China I went to Beijing and Xian. I used a travel agent. They were able to book everything for less than a separate booking, and got me a driver and translator/guide as well. They also took care of getting the visa for me. It saved me a lot of aggravation, money and time, so...
  10. technomage1

    Is a Visa required to visit Beijing

    I would suggest visiting for the latest visa requirements and any travel alerts. Be advised that it notes you need at least 6 months validity on your passport to enter the country. The only two regions I recall as not requiring a visa are Hong Kong and Shanghai under the 72...
  11. technomage1

    Delta Requiring Proof before Service Animals can fly

    I hate this is necessary because of fraud, but I really wish there was an online federal database that registered ESAs and service animals. It’s a darn shame people with already difficult lives have to jump through hoops because people want to travel with a pet at no cost.
  12. technomage1

    Irma forced us to cancel our vacation.

    The tickets most of us book today are non refundable. For events such as natural disasters, the airlines typically - and did in this case, offer credit towards future travel. So they are already "waiving" the non refundable ticket, as it were. You can ask via our company contacts at the top...
  13. technomage1

    When is enough, enough?

    At this point, since regular customer service has failed, escalate using the primary contact at Write only the primary contact at first, a short polite email. Then wait a week and go to the next executive in line if you do not get a...
  14. technomage1

    HP Printer Cartridge 1/2 day in 2 weeks!

    If you’re just printing black and white, maybe you should consider a laser printer...
  15. technomage1

    Assault and Battery on Etihad Airways flight EY 102 on December 13 2017, .

    Shoving would be considered battery in most places. I will say that you are probably lucky the passenger did not report you to the police first and make something up. Many times in that area the police will believe whomever reports to them first. It’s not right but that’s what it is. I don’t...
  16. technomage1

    Cabin Crew Timeout

    The cabin crew could’ve stormed out because they were frustrated by the delay and wanted to fly, too. There are multiple explanations which fit their behavior. At least Delta stood up and did the right thing with hotels, etc.
  17. technomage1 Misrepresentation of Price

    $30 deposit + $3.50 nyc tax + 6% resort fee does not equal $104. When I clicked on the little information button next to taxes, it told me, “Taxes are tax recovery charges paid to the hotel for its tax obligations. The fees are service charges that we keep as additional compensation for...
  18. technomage1

    TSA Agents

    Fun story. I travelled with an empty reusable bottle once. I was told by an agent I couldn’t take water through. I told her it was empty, and unscrewed the top and turned it upside down to prove it. One drop rolls out. “OK, now it’s empty” I said. I got waved through.
  19. technomage1

    TSA Agents

    So far I agree with everyone. Water is readily available and free past the checkpoint. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to empty out the cup and refill it. It wouldn’t have taken but a minute to refill at the fountain or restroom tap, even juggling an infant, luggage, etc. The milk you may...
  20. technomage1

    Homewood Suites

    Unfortunately we’ve run out of advice to give. Please follow the steps outlined, and good luck.