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  1. Q

    Help for a first-time airline traveler

    Sorry, JSN55, but it's more Ivar's at SeaTac. Which means, I will buy a Subway sandwich and carry it through TSA. Such a shame. Gosh, considering how often I go to Trader Joe's, I never thought of trying their chowder. Thank you!
  2. Q

    Help for a first-time airline traveler

    I, too, found at least one really great place to eat in the Nashville Airport...I think it was called something Irish. Had some TERRIFIC catfish there. (and catfish, if not cooked correctly, can be nasty.) I am sorry to tell you all but Seattle airport, SeaTac, made a HUGE kicked...
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    Help for a first-time airline traveler

    All of the above info provided by several folks is good information. Advise your daughter that DFW is a HUGE airport. Keep her personal belongings with her at all is constantly exhorted to never allowing someone else to handle your carryons, etc, for good reason. As for the flight...
  4. Q

    Caution when flying into Budapest's Lizst Ferenc Airport

    That's a good idea, zipties. Get several of different colors and place them in a pattern (i.e. blue blue red yellow) that way you can know if they cut them or not. They might have black zipties on hand but colored ones are a little harder to find.
  5. Q

    Disney Cruise Line Magic

    The person who grabbed you and dragged you onstage should be arrested for assault. No one is allowed to touch another person when that person says "No". It sounds as if Darrell and whoever else was using you to make fun of you. Darell, too, should be arrested for touching you. He tried to...
  6. Q

    Victoria, Australia extortion scam - automated speeding tickets for going 3 mph over the limit

    You broke their laws. Pay the tickets. It's not like here in the States where people seem to think the speed limit is voluntary and you get the middle finger from drivers who are infuriated when you stick to the limit. I've lived , worked and drove in at least five different countries on three...
  7. Q

    La Quinta actually listened!

    I've been a LaQuinta customer for several years. They began sending me member cards with my name and member number. The problem, though, was that the background of the card is deep purple and the font is black. This makes it unreadable. Even the staff behind the counter can't read the letters...
  8. Q


  9. Q

    Incorrectly charged for damage under front bumper in Munich

    Having dealt with Hertz's "Corporate customer service" I can tell you going to the 'higher level' just gets you to someone else in the bottom feeder's cubicle farm. Hertz's corporate does NOT talk to anyone. I had to get my state Attorney General involved to finally get someone in Hertz...
  10. Q

    Renting from Hertz

    Having had a year long battle with Hertz charging my card for 4500 bucks for an 'accident' that never happened ( (they managed to skin me out of almost 1000 bucks but I did get the rest back)..I've learned my lesson when it comes to renting cars, especially from Hertz. The following applies to...
  11. Q

    An Anti-Semitic Incident

    It certainly seems as if in the last few months, many people have decided that saying things like racial slurs/homophobic comments/ religious rants have become "okay'. It's NOT okay. We are sliding into a cesspool where anyone can say what he or she wants without retaliation or punishment. My...
  12. Q

    Worst Travelers of 2016

    Don't forget 'self-entitlement'...
  13. Q

    Bidding for an upgrade to first class

    Thank you for all your replies. We were wondering what happens when someone walks up at the very last second and pays more than full price for that first class seat...has 'my' coach seat been given or sold, and now I'm stuck without ANY seat? No, I'll keep my coach seat. I am not a gambler.
  14. Q

    Bidding for an upgrade to first class

    Okay, I've done some homework and understand what is going on. I also checked my flights and find that they are almost completely sold out. There is only ONE first class seat left unpurchased on the main flight to the islands, with a few middle middle seats in coach left. Somehow this all seems...
  15. Q

    Bidding for an upgrade to first class

    I and my husband have reservations for coach on a flight to Hawaii next week. I just received an email from HA offering me the chance to 'bid on an upgrade'. I've never heard of such a thing and am wary. Is this an indication that the flight hasn't sold enough seats to warrant the flight? If I...
  16. Q

    TSA Theft - Trying to get reimbursed

    My last trip was to Oahu, Hawaii. On our departure flight to return to the mainland, we turned in our bags to the curbside Hawaiian airlines agent who trundled it over to the inspection area. I kept my eyes on my bag until he turned it over to TSA. When I got home I realized my cap had been...
  17. Q

    Hawaiian Airlines is out of control

    I am still wondering what happened? I can understand the fury, but come on, tell us what inspired it in the first place. I REALLY would like to know because I'm flying to Oahu next month on HA and would like to go prepared for the worst.
  18. Q

    They're getting smaller and smaller

    I would be glad to email my list to you. I had considered it before, but we all know how risky it is to click on an email from a stranger with an attachment. I see an "Upload a file" button below this box. Shall i send it this way?
  19. Q

    They're getting smaller and smaller

    I'm with you, Neil. I don't really care if people look strangely at me...I'm used to it. I'm going to take photos and probably video the car and the inspection. If someone doesn't want to come out to sign my paperwork, I"ll do something that I've done twice in the past and has never failed to...