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  1. Patina

    Where should we begin?

    You should begin by giving us some basic details of your situation. Just the facts such as which cruise line, when, where, what are the terms of the booking, did you purchase travel insurance.
  2. Patina


    We actually want to help you find resolution. That is why we are here so our questions and comments are geared toward that. We are eager to teach people to advocate for themselves ;) But, if you want to vent then, by all means, feel free to do so!
  3. Patina


    Apparently, I wasn't the only one who missed it: "Are you saying that the property owner never received any money for your reservation? And that Turnkey has all your money??" - Pixie Pie Nowhere in your comments have you stated the owners did not receive their payment until comment #17. I...
  4. Patina


    Okay, that changes things, in my opinion. It wasn’t clear from your post that the owners have not been paid. That is a very important fact that was left out from the beginning! So, yes, turnkey should not be able to hold the money....either it goes to the owner or it goes to the renter but...
  5. Patina

    American Airlines Offering Me a Credit Only, Not a Refund

    The best option for you is to write a letter to customer service requesting an exception to the fare rules. You are not due a refund since you cancelled the flight, not the airline (doesn't matter that they eventually cancelled). If you write a brief, polite and professional letter, you may...
  6. Patina

    Air france confirmation. Last name spelled incorrectly missing 1 letter. Air France says the ticket is complicated with layover.

    Advocates....isn't there usually the ability to correct a name past the 24 hour rule if its only one letter? This is the case with the OP.
  7. Patina


    That is an interesting perspective on this....never thought of it that way. I mean, I did think about the services not rendered part but not the part about the lack of wording in the contract.
  8. Patina


    Our hotel is Spain was non-refundable. I did not cancel but they ostensibly did because of the country's lockdown. They were only offering to extend the credit. This is very typical for non-refundable reservations. With regards to the fact that its not the OP's fault the company may not have...
  9. Patina


    Here is the thing......this pandemic is hitting everyone financially hard. While there are many sad stories about customers losing their jobs, etc. there are the same stories regarding property owners, businesses, etc. What is the right thing to do?? That depends on if you are a customer or...
  10. Patina


    "I disputed amount to my credit card, was temporarily credited but did not stay."
  11. Patina

    Should I initiate a charge back?

    The one place I see there could be a problem is if you receive the goods. I don't think a credit card company can require a business to essentially give something to a customer for free. But, I have no idea on the subject, just thinking out loud.
  12. Patina

    Travelocity Refunds

    Next time, please book directly with the hotel. I just received a refund on a non-refundable hotel in Spain.
  13. Patina

    Azores Airlines runaround

    Okay, that is good news. They are trying to wear you down by offering you other options. I think it does matter when you are flying as they are addressing refunds by date. Since your flight hasn't even happened yet, they probably won't address it until July at the earliest.
  14. Patina

    Azores Airlines runaround

    When is your flight supposed to depart? I am unclear if you have received an email confirmation that you are due a refund or have you just received an email from a customer service saying you are entitled to a refund. To me, those are not the same thing. Depending on your answer to my...
  15. Patina

    Azores Airlines runaround

    “We were to be flying Boston to Ponta Delgada (Azores).” I would state they are required to refund you based on the DOT. Have you tried escalating your case to the execs? As a last resort, file a dispute with your credit card.
  16. Patina

    Should I initiate a charge back?

    Do not initiate a charge back. Are you unable to return the item for refund? If not, has it been shipped where you can refuse delivery?
  17. Patina

    Delta / ASAP Trip to Europe in September

    Unfortunately, you need to work through your 'travel agent' ASAP. Since the itinerary is changed significantly, you should be able to request a refund. That being said, you are at the mercy of the terms you agreed to with ASAP. If they are anything like expedia and other online agents, you...
  18. Patina

    Cancelled Trip

    What are the terms that you agreed to when you purchased the travel package?
  19. Patina

    Misleading Tesla sales and marketing

    Was there a deadline when you needed to file the application?
  20. Patina

    Purchased Travel Protection - AA is only offering credit

    I think the OP meant that they didn't pay for the flights their original ones were changed to. For example, we bought non-stop flights and now we have layovers.